Lil Mouse follows up Meek Mill comments: Philadelphia rapper still a 'legend'

Bruno Cooke August 9, 2021


Chicago rapper Lil Mouse yesterday took to Twitter to claim that Meek Mill had failed to credit him when he used one of his lyrics in a song of his own. What happened, and how has Lil Mouse followed up his tweets?

How old was Lil Mouse when he released Get Smoked?

Born 7 June 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, Lil Mouse is an American rapper. He broke onto the scene age 12 – he is now 22 – with his Mousetrap mixtape.

The following year, in September 2013, Lil Wayne featured Lil Mouse’s hook from his track Get Smoked on his own version of the song, catapulting the young rapper to fame.

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Lil Mouse was just 13 at the time, and released his debut album a year later.

As Vice wrote at the time, “It’s hard to wrap your head around a kid talking about those things [i.e., drug use, violence, and Chicago being ‘most dangerous city in the nation’], but then you meet him and you realise he’s not only a product of his environment, but a mouthpiece for it”.

Did  Meek Mill use Lil Mouse’s lyric? If so, when?

Lil Mouse’s lyric, “f*** around with them f***-arounds, and you f*** around and get smoked”, is repeated throughout his own original of Get Smoked, as well as Lil Wayne’s version of the song.

The same year that Lil Mouse put out Get Smoked, Meek Mill released his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, with Rick Ross as executive producer. 

Two minutes into the album’s intro track, and in the chorus of his 2014 release Chiraq (ft. Lil Durk and Shy Glizzy), Meek Mill repeats the line, “You f*** around, get smoked / You f*** around, you f*** around, you f*** around get smoked”.

What has Lil Mouse said about it?

That Meek Mill borrowed the line from Lil Mouse is recognised on Who Sampled. However, Lil Mouse (real name: Michael Myers) does not appear to have expressed any qualms about Meek’s use of the lyric at the time.

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Now, though – nearly a decade later – he has taken to Twitter to express his grievances. He wrote that Meek, real name Robert Rihmeek Williams, “rocked wit the song” and “used my whole line”. His complaint is that Meek “should’ve came & showed” him some love.

In an Instagram story, Lil Mouse has responded to others’ comments about his claim regarding Meek Mill’s use of his lyric. He wrote six hours ago that “these industry rappers be stealing” and concluded, “that’s a fact”.

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How have fans of the rappers reacted?

Lil Mouse’s original tweet has picked up several comments and retweets. Many of the comments highlight the fact that it has been almost a decade since it happened.

One commenter wrote, “if that’s correct that’s called paying homage”.

Meek Mill does not appear to have responded to Lil Mouse’s tweet on social media. His own social media feed is dominated by news of his upcoming release, War Stories. However, Lil Mouse has tweeted that he still regards Meek as a “legend”.

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