Woody Harrelson goes on friendship tour holiday with Matthew McConaughey every year

Darcy Rafter July 19, 2022
Woody Harrelson goes on friendship tour holiday with Matthew McConaughey every year
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Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are never far away from one another and they have finally been reunited once again to go on their annual ‘friendship tour’.

The besties go way back, and they have filmed alongside each other in movies like 1999’s EDtv and 2008’s Surfer, Dude. Not to forget, the 2014 HBO series True Detective.

Let’s take a look at Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson’s unbreakable friendship and iconic holiday tour.

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Woody Harrelson goes on a friendship tour holiday with Matthew McConaughey

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019, Harrelson revealed that he enjoys going on what he likes to refer to as “friendship tours.”

The actor said: “I take a ‘friendship tour’ pretty much every year. I thought about calling it a ‘bender where I leech off my rich friends,’ but I thought, ‘No, you know — friendship tour, better,’ ” he explained at the time. “You just go, stay at their house, drink oblivious. Great.”

Ellen then asked Matthew McConaughey about the friendship tour holiday that he took with pals Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Rock and more. The clan visited Bono’s home in the South of France in 2018 and many A-listers were spotted on the trip.

The friendship tour also included Guy Oseary, Lars Ulrich, Lars von Trier and artist JR as Harrelson jested: “We all just kinda ran into each other. You know, just moseying around France.”

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2022’s friendship tour holiday to Croatia

More recently the friendship tour has now taken them to Dubrovnik in Croatia, which is where they were spotted holidaying over the weekend. McConaughey, 52 and Harrelson, 60, shared a paddleboard as they made their way across Croatia’s crystal blue waters.

It appears the friends, or should we say ‘brothers’ are both water babies. In December 2019, McConaughey shared a snap of the duo swimming together and smiling, writing in the caption, “brothers from another mother?”

Harrelson’s wife Laura Louie also joined the friendship tour and was seen out in her own inflatable kayak. The couple has been married since 2008, and share three children together.

Chris Rock and Baron Cohen were also spotted on the Dubrovnik trip along with actress Lake Bell who Chris was spotted holding hands with.

How did Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey meet?

The pair had a brief encounter one night where “tequila was involved” and “It was a bit of an impression,” McConaughey said during a video call chat with Woody. It was “a bit hazy,” the star recalled, “but we met one night and I always wanted to meet you.”

Matthew McConaughey then revealed that the first time the duo met properly was during a wardrobe test for the 1999 film EDtv. McConaughey recounted the moment in a hilarious anecdote “I’m with Ron Howard,” he began, “We’re doing wardrobe tests. I’m sitting by a window and looking down one of those hills,” McConaughey set the scene.

“Who’s walking down the street?” he rhetorically asks, “not because I can see him first, but because I heard his shoes first.” The actor recalls looking at “this guy in bike shorts, professional bike top.”

McConaughey continues laughing, “[He’s] still got his professional bike riding shoes on that he’s walking the streets of San Francisco in,” In true Harrelson style, he came to basically say, ‘I’m not here for a wardrobe test. I come to this meeting in my wardrobe. And we’re not going to negotiate this.’”

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