Matthew McConaughey's tragic childhood - violence, assault and dad's approval

Darcy Rafter May 30, 2022
Matthew McConaughey's tragic childhood - violence, assault and dad's approval
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McConaughey discloses details about his parents’ tumultuous relationship in his memoir, Greenlights. Comparing his life’s turbulent events with changing traffic signals has led fans of the actor keen to know more about his upbringing.

WARNING: Content of a disturbing nature ahead

According to the Daily mail and illustrated in his life chronicles, McConaughey shares a horrific photo of his mother’s bent finger as proof of his father’s abuse. He also sadly reveals that his first beating was for answering to the nickname ‘Matt’ while at kindergarten, as his mom yelled ‘you weren’t named after a doormat!’. Let’s take a look at his childhood which was seemingly filled with moments of violence and assault.

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Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Lincoln

Matthew McConaughey’s childhood explored

In his memoir titled Greenlights, the Oscar-winner revealed the ferocious rows between his dad, Jim, and his mother, Kay. As per the Daily Mail, McConaughey revealed his father broke his mother’s middle finger four times as rage was seemingly how his parents ‘communicated’.

One of their most vicious rows, which is sourced from Greenlights, commenced when Jim asked for more potatoes at dinner. Matthew said his mom made a snarky reply and his dad flipped the dining table over as Matthew and his older brothers Michael and Patrick, who were adopted, watched.

Their mother ran for the telephone to call the police and ended up smashing his ‘six foot four, 265-pound’ dad in the face with the phone receiver when he confronted her. Matthew said his parents ‘circled each other’ and his mom grabbed a 12-inch knife to keep his dad away as Jim threatened to throw a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup.

The rage ended with the pair suddenly dropping their weapons and began ‘making love’ on the kitchen floor revealing, ‘this is how my mom and dad loved each other,’ these rollercoaster emotions are likely what caused his parents to divorce twice and remarry three times.

McConaughey recalls violence, assault and dad’s approval

Matthew has revealed that despite the violence, he and his brother sought their dad’s approval. McConaughey explained that they had to have a ‘rite of passage’ to prove they were a man. Matthew’s moment of acceptance came when he attacked a bouncer who had ‘placed a hand’ on Jim’s chest. Each of his brothers has their own accounts of when their Alpha male actions earned them a higher status in their father’s eyes. Their father died in 1992 at the age of 63 just a year before Matthew starred in the film, Dazed and Confused.

In the memoir, the actor also opened up about an incident he experienced at 18 years old when he was ‘knocked unconscious’ and assaulted in the back of a van. McConaughey reveals in the chronicles that he was “molested by a man” but doesn’t go into further details about the horrifying event.

Matthew McConaughey’s family life explored in 2022

His childhood is a stark contrast to the homelife he has created with his wife Camilla and their three children; sons Levi and Livingstone and daughter Vida. Six years after meeting at a LA club, Camilla and Matthew, married in 2012 with fatherhood always being a dream. McConaughey creates discipline for his children through discussion without a ‘because I said so’ approach; something that he was exposed to as a child. It certainly seems McConaughey won’t be adopting techniques that were used on him as a child, such as washing your mouth out with soap for swearing.

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