Who is Matt Siegel's wife, Maryann? Meet Matty In The Morning's family

Jane Corscadden May 20, 2021
Who is Matt Siegel's wife, Maryann? Meet Matty In The Morning's family
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Who is Matt Siegel’s wife, Maryann? The host of Kiss 108’s Matty In The Morning is trending today after fans believed he had quit on-air yesterday. However, today he made a return to the iconic Boston breakfast show.

But what do we know about Matt Siegel’s family, and his wife, Maryann?

How old is Matt Siegel?

Before that, however, people are interested in finding out a little more about Matty In The Morning himself. Matt Siegel was born in March 1950, meaning his current age is 71. He was born in Spring Valley, New York.

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He has hosted Matty In The Morning since it began in 1981, and has built it up to have a great legacy in the city of Boston.

What do we know about Matty In The Morning’s wife and family?

Matt Siegel and his wife, Maryann, have been married since December 2000. They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

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They live in Newton, Massachusetts. Matt and Maryann have four children, Alexandra, Lily and Chloe (who are twins), and Olivia. His daughter, Alexandra, has been featured in videos on Funny Or Die, and had guest appearances on ABC Family’s Switched At Birth as well as HBO’s Eastbound & Down.

In 2017, director Hailey Millar created a short documentary titled My Life Is Not A Show, which highlights Matt Siegel’s work and personal life.

Not much is known about Matt Siegel’s wife, Maryann, apart from what is shared on Matty In The Morning’s social media accounts. However, during the coronavirus lockdown, Maryann started a cooking club that was held over Zoom and advertised by Matt on Matty In The Morning.

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