Who is Dr Mark Hyman's wife? 'Single father' family picture raises question

Leigh McManus May 10, 2021
Who is Dr Mark Hyman's wife? 'Single father' family picture raises question
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Who is Dr Mark Hyman’s wife? People are curious about the family life of the physician and New York Times best-selling author after he posted a family photo with his children, whose caption mentioned him being a “single father”.

Who is Dr Mark Hyman?

Mark Hyman, 61, is an American physician and fourteen-time New York Times best-selling author.

The New Yorker is the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. The centre uses a team of physicians, nurses, and nutritionists who, according to the site, “work with each patient to move toward their best health.”

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Hyman was a columnist for The Huffington Post and a regular contributor to the Katie Couric Show, until its cancellation in 2013.

Hyman graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York with a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada and completed his training at the Community Hospital of Santa Rosa, California in family medicine, according to his LinkedIn page.

He moved to rural Idaho after medical school to work in a small clinic before working as an emergency room doctor in Massachusetts. He then became co-medical director at Canyon Ranch health spa resort.

“Dr. Mark Hyman is leading a health revolution—one revolved around using food as medicine to support longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness,” according to his site.

Critics argue that peganism, his meat-heavy Paleo diet combined with veganism, is a fad. Nevertheless, Dr Hyman’s book titled The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles For Reclaiming Your Health In A Nutritionally Confusing World is rated well and Hyman has worked as a medical advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Who is Mark Hyman’s wife? Are he and Mia Lux still married?

On Sunday 9 May 2021, Dr Mark Hyman posted an Instagram family photo alongside his children, captioned with a message about being a “single father” that sparked the interest in his personal life.

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Dr Hyman’s photo features his two grown up children, his daughter Rachel – who is applying to medical school – and his son. The caption read: “Sometimes life unexpectedly gives you a gift. As a single father I had to be both mother and father raising these beautiful children (now grown ups). It wasn’t always easy but it was always a gift.

“Happy mothers day to all the fathers who had to learn or at least try to be mothers too. Who out there knows what I mean? motherhood #fatherhood

The caption prompted his followers to wonder who Dr Mark Hyman’s wife is, and what happened to their family for him to become a single father.

Dr Hyman is married to a woman called Mia Lux, according to Cleveland Magazine. Hyman appeared alongside his wife on the podcast Better by Dr Stephanie.

Dr Stephanie described his wife Mia as “an international host, comedian & facilitator, specialising in top wellness and personal development events around the world.”

Posting on Instagram, however, Mia Lux cast some doubt on her relationship with Dr Hyman. The cryptic caption made people begin to wonder if she was now Mark Hyman’s ex wife.

“Heartbreak has been a big feature/teacher of this past year of mine. Break ups are one of the hardest things to navigate. The end of a meaningful relationship rates as one of the top most painful human experiences…”

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She added: ⁣”This [heartbreak] is the theme of my week/life right now, might as well turn it into something useful yeah??⁣”

Dr Hyman on his first and second wives

In a 2014 blog post, the doctor revealed he had been married twice before.

Dr Hyman said that the reasons his relationships with his first and second wives failed revolved around divorces involving those close to him. His parents divorced when he was five and his mother “remarried a man she didn’t really love and had a horrible 40-year marriage.”

The doctor added that his sister, who died in 2013, was married and divorced three times.

“The truth was that I just didn’t believe in love- and that is why I never manifested it in my life. I realized that my experience as a kid set me up not to trust or believe that true love was possible. All I saw was broken or half-lived relationships,” he wrote.

His current relationship status with Mia Lux is unclear and it is also unclear who Mark Hyman’s ex wives were, due to the doctor rarely publishing personal information.

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