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Who was Marjorie Taylor Greene's father Robert? Nobel Prize nomination explained

Eve Edwards April 18, 2021
marjorie taylor greene father
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Who was Marjorie Taylor Greene’s father, Robert? We explore his life after the congresswoman announced his death on 12 April 2021.

On 12 April, Greene shared the news that her father had passed away. The funeral was held on Thursday 15 April 2021.

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Who was Marjorie Taylor Greene’s father?

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s father was a man named Robert “Bob” Taylor. He was born on 21 February 1947 in Detroit, Michigan but relocated to Georgia in later life.

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Robert Taylor married a woman named Delle on 26 October 1973. He had two children with Delle: Marjorie and a son named David.

In a Twitter thread, Greene provided some detail on her father’s life:

“My Dad grew up with very little, but with a faith in God and dreamed the Great American Dream. He worked every job from riding a bike delivering newspapers, to factory work, to construction work, and all in between, while trying to go to school.”

Greene continued: “He was drafted at age 20 to go to war in Vietnam and served our country in the Navy. He lost friends there just like many did. He met a girl after his service, when he went back to college, married my Mom, and had a little girl named Marjorie.”

She added: “He couldn’t finish school, but proudly went to work to support his family. With only a truck and a ladder, he tirelessly worked and eventually built a thriving construction company that put a roof over our heads, fed us, clothed us, and Dad provided our families every need.”

Did Marjorie’s father get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?

In Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter thread documenting her father’s life, she mentioned that he was involved in a Nobel Prize nominated project:

“I watched his hands write, calculate, and carefully bid projects on all the many blueprints.. They typed, wrote, and published books.. They created inventions and that even got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize..”

In Robert Taylor’s obituary, it reveals: “Bob published his first book called Ops Time, about the science and study of human behavior in relation to gravity. Bob continued his study on this discovered science, and developed a computer program in financial forecasting that later led to him being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics in March of 2000.”

This statement was confirmed in the Harvard Business Review, where they conclude: “Taylor’s research in econo-physics earned him a proffered nomination for The Nobel Prize in Economics in March 2000.”

Marjorie speaks on father’s death

On 12 April 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke of her father’s passing. She tweeted: “My father passed away last night after a hard fought battle over the past 3 months with Melanoma. Most people don’t know how tremendously difficult my first three months of Congress have been.”

Greene concluded her Twitter thread by stating, “my heart is no longer broken now that my Daddy has been set free.”

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