Lydia West is quickly becoming one of Britain’s most coveted actresses, having appeared in three successful TV shows back-to-back. But how old is Lydia West?

Lydia’s latest role is in Russell T Davies’ Channel 4 drama, It’s A Sin. Before this, Lydia starred in Dracula as Lucy Westenra and in Davies’ other acclaimed drama, Years and Years.

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Screenshot: Lydia West in It’s A Sin E2 – 4oD

Who is Lydia West?

Lydia West is an actress and former dancer from London, England.

Acting was not Lydia’s initial passion, as she revealed in the Act On This podcast. Lydia planned to become a professional dancer, training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap and commercial. Her older sister Rachel (who is four years her senior) is a professional dancer.

When Lydia was 16-years-old, she broke her fifth toe performing at her grandfather’s birthday. She did not initially seek treatment and continued to walk on her broken toe. This caused irreparable damage and left Lydia unable to dance and out of practice. Lydia West then turned to acting.

Lydia West: Age

British actress Lydia West is 27-years-old.


In May 2020, Lydia shared a profile that British Vogue had done on her to her Instagram account. In the Vogue profile, they state that Lydia West is 26-years-old.

When is Lydia West’s birthday?

Lydia West’s Instagram account also shed light on when her birthday is.

On 24 June 2019, Lydia West shared a promotional image for Years and Years with the caption: “Best birthday present ever.”

It could well be that Lydia is born on the 24th, but it means the actress is definitely born in the month of June.

Lydia West is born in June 1993.

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