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Ludwig's 'chest hole' comment in YouTube announcement sparks interest

Amber Peake November 30, 2021
ludwig chest


Streamer Ludwig, known for his presence on Twitch where he has more than three million followers, has announced he’s moved on from the platform and started streaming on YouTube instead.

Ludwig shared the news in a video on YouTube and Twitter on Monday. In the video, Ludwig mentions his “chest hole”, with some fans curious to know what the streamer is referring to.

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Ludwig mentions his ‘chest hole’ in YouTube announcement

Streamer Ludwig Ahgren has announced he is moving platforms from Twitch to YouTube Gaming as he shared the news in a trailer-style video on Monday (29 November).

In the video, the gamer transitioned from a purple car to a red car representing his switch between platforms. At the start of the clip while driving in the purple car, Ludwig mentions his “chest hole” while chatting to his long-time friend Slime.

Following the video, some are curious to know more about the YouTuber’s “chest hole” and what happened to it.

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What happened to Ludwig’s chest?

Fans of Ludwig may be familiar with the term “chest hole“, as the gamer often uses it to refer to the sunken area on his chest. While he openly discusses it online, he has yet to confirm what happened to his chest.

However, fans of the streamer believe the YouTuber to have pectus excavatum, a condition where the breastbone appears sunken into the chest.

According to the Great Ormond Street Hospital website, the condition is “four times as common in boys” than it is with girls and is “usually noticeable soon after birth“.

Following Ludwig’s “chest hole” comment in his platform switch announcement, some fans took to social media to reveal they suffer from pectus excavatum themselves:

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What has the gamer said of his chest?

Ludwig often refers to his chest online and has opened up about it in relation to his success as a streamer. In one stream, he said: “If I had that cringy paved-in chest hole, like I was a sidewalk people are supposed to (walk on), I wouldn’t have nearly as many subs (subscribers), you hole fillers. This hole made me.”

Ludwig also revealed his chest on TikTok last year as he posted a video of himself eating cereal from it:

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