PBS NewsHour corresponent Lisa Desjardins appeared on air with an eye patch, leaving viewers curious about what had happened to her.

Lisa Desjardins’ new fashion accessory

Are eye patches catching on? Probably not, but if you injure your eye it’s definitely the most fashionable way to protect it. Anyways, Halloween is right around the corner, so no one will even blink twice.

Reporter Lisa Desjardins appeared on PBS NewsHour on 30 September 2021 to discuss the latest news regarding the infrastructure bill, with trillions of dollars on the line.

Although the bill was the talk of the night, it was Desjardins’ starry eye patch that became the topic of conversation online. Her followers were notified of her new accessory before the broadcast, but for those who missed her explanation, we’ve got you covered.

What happened to Lisa Desjardins’ eye?

Immediately after her colleague Judy Woodruff began the segment, she addressed the elephant in the room.

Woodruff said: “So, first of all Lisa, you’re wearing an eye patch. You hurt your eye. Are you all right?”

Desjardins replied: “You noticed, of course. Yes, I’m fine.” She jokingly added: “No one in Congress is responsible for this.”

According to the 49-year-old journalist, her eye injury was down to her own clumsiness – she was stuck in deep thought and accidentally “pulled a car door” into her face.

Ouch – definitely a peculiar way to hurt yourself, particularly the eye. It was probably the corner of the door.

No worries, though, because Desjardins reassured us she will be fine and “it’s just a reminder maybe we all need to slow down”.

Luis Miguel | Final Series Official Trailer | Netflix

Luis Miguel | Final Series Official Trailer | Netflix

Twitter supports the eye patch

Her fans took to Twitter to show their love for the patch, with one pointing out Desjardins’ similarity to fellow journalist Marie Colvin, who donned an eye patch after losing her left eye while covering the Sri Lankan Civil War.

As one follower said it certainly is a fashion trend – even Gucci had their own version, for a hefty $245 though.

We do appreciate Desjardins opted for a blue patch with white stars to fit the conversation. We’re waiting for someone to appear with a red and white-striped patch now.

Lisa Desjardins is a PBS NewsHour correspondent.

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