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Who is Linnea Miron? Ricky Williams' wife gives ex-NFL player her last name

Bruno Cooke May 25, 2022
Who is Linnea Miron? Ricky Williams' wife gives ex-NFL player her last name
Photo by Samantha Burkardt/Getty Images for SXSW


Former American football running back Ricky Williams (born Errick Lynne Williams Jr) has legally changed his surname to Miron to match that of his wife Linnea. 

Who is Ricky’s wife Linnea Miron?

Linnea Miron is co-founder and chief executive of Real Wellness Herbal – she set up the company with husband Ricky.

She’s also one of the people behind LILA Astrology, an app that claims to turn your horoscope into “psychological insights that help you make better choices in your relationships”.

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Linnea also founded Highsman with husband Ricky. Highsman is the “official cannabis lifestyle brand” of “entrepreneur” and “thought leader” Ricky Williams (Miron).

Before entering into business with her partner, Miron worked as a senior counsel for Seyfarth Shaw, a law firm based in Chicago. She worked there for six and a half years.

How did Ricky Williams meet Linnea Miron?

Ricky and Linnea met at a birthday party in 2015. According to the Our Story section of the LILA Astrology website, she approached him after he toasted a mutual friend. 

“We struck up an interesting conversation,” Williams writes – his name change to Miron is legal but he still appears to go by Williams in public – “that led me to ask her if she knew her Sun sign.”

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Photo by Samantha Burkardt/Getty Images for SXSW

“She replied, ‘I’m a Pisces, but I don’t know what that means.’” 

One thing led to another. She joined him in attending the astrology classes of Steven Forrest and together they “got so much clarity about ourselves and our relationship that we got married a month later”.

That was in 2017. They’ve been married for five years. Ricky revealed he had legally taken his wife’s surname during a 20 May 2022 episode of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Listen here.

Do they have kids?

Ricky Williams and wife Linnea Miron’s first child was born 1 June 2021.

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Baby Fever | Official Trailer | Netflix

Baby Fever | Official Trailer | Netflix

Solito Forrest Miron will turn one year old in a few days’ time and, within just six days of his birth, had “already brightened our lives like we knew he would”, Williams wrote on Instagram in June 2021.

Linnea regularly posts about Sol to her Instagram followers. She recently shared a photo she and Ricky plan to get printed on his birthday cake for his 1 June birthday.

“Stay tuned for the final product in goopy sugar form!”

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