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Is Lil Reese blind? Concerns after rapper's eye is grazed in shooting

Leigh McManus May 17, 2021
Is Lil Reese blind? Concerns after rapper's eye is grazed in shooting


Is Lil Reese blind in one eye? Concerns have been raised after the rapper was involved in a shooting, and a bullet grazed the left side of his face and his left eye. The incident took place in a Chicago parking lot on Saturday 15 May, and two other men were involved in the shooting.

Who is Lil Reese?

Tavares Lamont Taylor, known professionally as Lil Reese, is an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois.

The 28-year-old found fame after collaborations with Chief Keef and Lil Durk. Reese featured on Chief Keef’s 2012 track I Don’t Like.

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Between 2012 and 2019, Reese released seven mixtapes with Rick Rubin’s Def Jam label after he was scouted by producer No I.D, who had crafted albums for the likes of Kanye West in the past.

At 19, Reese said in an interview that he was lucky to escape the Chicago projects in which he was raised. “Gang life was all around me. It was around all of us, that’s what Chicago is…I was barely lucky to make it out. I lost a lot of friends,” he said.

“Either they’re locked up or dead right now. I made it out. That’s a blessing.”

What happened to Lil Reese?

In November 2019 a gunman opened fire on Reese with an automatic weapon after chasing him down in a car, hitting his neck and putting him in a critical condition. He recovered a short time later.

This week, on 15 May, Lil Reese had another lucky escape when he was shot in the North River neighbourhood of Chicago.

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An incident report from the Chicago Police Department confirmed he was grazed in the eye during the shooting. Authorities say the dispute was over a stolen car.

The three men, ages 20, 27 and 28, were found inside a parking garage, according to a police media notification, via the Chicago Tribune.

The same outlet states that the 27-year-old man was wounded multiple times in the body and taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition, while the other men, including Reese, were in stable conditions.

Is Lil Reese blind in his left eye? People react to shooting incident

Initial reports suggested that the rapper was shot in the thigh until an incident report from the Chicago Police Department stated otherwise.

The news led people to wonder, having been grazed by a bullet in the face, whether Lil Reese was now blind.

According to MTO News, who cite reports coming from Reeses’s family, the rapper is now blind in one eye. Pictures circulating online show the 28-year-old bleeding from his left eye.

Authorities said the rapper was in a “fair condition,” when he was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

“MTO News confirm that multiple family members of Lil Reese’s took to social media after the shooting and told fans that doctors are telling Reese that he will likely be ‘blind’ in one eye for life,” according to the aforementioned source.

Reacting on Twitter, one person wrote: “Lil Reese is blind in one eye for life. He should move out of Chicago ASAP.” Another added: “Man I’m hope Lil Reese is okay, he got grazed in the eye but they said he is in stable condition. Pray for Reese!”

“Lil Reese can’t catch a break. First neck, now his eye,” wrote another person, referencing the 2019 incident in which the rapper was injured.

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