Does comedian Leslie Jones have a partner? Jones took to TikTok to celebrate her birthday today, leading some fans to wonder whether she would be spending her day alone or with a special someone this year.

SNL alumna Leslie Jones gave TikTokers a run for their money as she uploaded a video of herself dancing to Teach Me How To Dougie, proving 54 never looked so good.

Over the years, fans have been curious whether the comedian is dating since there has never been confirmation from Leslie herself. On top of that, rumours swirled she was dating an SNL member – and she’s never been shy about her mission to find a partner.


Happy Birthday to me yall! I’m 54 and I still got it lol! #birthdaybitch

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So, does Leslie Jones have a partner?

It seems the 54-year-old actress is currently single and has been for at least a year. Who can blame her? It’s all the pandemic’s fault.

In an interview on Live With Kelly And Ryan, Leslie said she’d wished she had a boyfriend for her birthday last year. When the hosts asked if it came true, she replied: “You know wishes don’t come true!”

Leslie has been vocal in interviews and on Twitter regarding what kind of man she’s looking for – whether seriously or in jest. In 2016, she declared she was only taking applications from men named Wendell or Clarence.

A year later, in 2017, Jones admitted she was seeing someone during an interview with Conan O’Brien, but didn’t want to disclose information to avoid him from being disturbed. Perhaps he was called Wendell or Clarence?

One thing we do know is Leslie is looking for a man with a sense of humour who isn’t insecure – she has previously said men are intimidated by her height (6ft), big mouth and because, according to her, “it looks like I might fight you”.

Did Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon ever date each other?

After joining SNL in 2014, Leslie Jones was rumoured to be dating fellow cast member Kate McKinnon. Kate joined SNL in 2012, becoming the first openly gay female cast member and the pair got close on the show and while filming 2016 comedy Ghostbusters.

With Twitter as her favourite platform, Leslie is always seen supporting Kate, like when she won a 2016 Emmy for best supporting actress.

Talking to Refinery29 in 2016 about rumours linking her romantically to Leslie Jones, McKinnon said: “Leslie and I have worked together for two years at SNL. We were very close by the time we got there to film and got so much closer, pathologically closer over the course of the summer in fact.”

But the pair have only ever been BFFs and Kate has been reportedly dating girlfriend Jackie Abbott since 2017.

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