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Lawsy surprises with age claim he's 27 although fans think he's younger

Eve Edwards August 3, 2022
Lawsy surprises with age claim he's 27 although fans think he's younger

A recent interview has the internet ablaze with speculation over rapper Lawsy’s true age, as he claims he is 27 years old.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, rising star Lawsy spoke with Our Generation Music (OGM) host Hakeem Rowe about everything from his recent viral hits to the speculation over his age.

Often described as a “teenage” rapper, there is a widely held belief that Lawsy is in his teen years, potentially still even a high schooler. But Lawsy has much to say about that.

Let’s take a look at what the rapper had to say about his age, and subsequently the fans who have come back with opinions over his true age.

Screenshot from Lawsy Hotel Music Video on DotComNirvan YouTube, Credit: DotComNirvan

Lawsy claims he is “27 years old”

The first question OGM host Hakeem Rowe asked Lawsy in the interview centred on his age. Asking how old he is, the rapper replied: “I’m 27.”

Hakeem, shocked by this revelation, quizzes Lawsy and says: “Show me your ID right now.”

Lawsy continues to state that he’s 27 years old, although a series of questions asked by Hakeem Rowe poked holes in this statement. Lawsy did not bring his ID card to the interview, did not know when he graduated high school, and was not aware of when his high school reunion would be.

When Hakeem says he looks 14 years old, Lawsy responds: “14 is crazy.”

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What has Lawsy said in the past about his age?

Since rising to fame this year, there has been much speculation over Lawsy’s true age. The North Carolina rapper usually keeps quiet on the subject, although he has touched on it in some of his lyrics.

In his song “F*** Not Fight”, Lawsy sings: “She says I’m too young so it’s a secret.” In “Partner in Crime”, Lawsy sings: “Fake I.D. in the club, baby.”

Last month fans on TikTok alleged that Lawsy currently attends their high school. This would mean that Lawsy is aged between 14 and 18 years old.

But Lawsy has led fans to believe that he is 27 years old in the past. Back in February of this year, a Twitter user posted about the allegation that Lawsy is 27 with shock. This was in response to a comment made by Lawsy in response to one of his fans on TikTok. When a commenter asked how old the rapper was, Lawsy responded that he is 27 years old.

Lawsy fans rebut his age claims after the interview

After his interview with OGM was released, the matter of Lawsy’s true age resurfaced.

On OGM’s official Instagram post promoting the interview, a number of commenters alleged that they currently attend high school with Lawsy.

One commenter alleged: “You ain’t 27 you a freshman at my high school.” This would make Lawsy between 14 and 15 years old. Another concurred that Lawsy is a freshman.

Lawsy has not yet rebutted the allegations from social media users that he is still in his teen years and a high schooler.

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