Meet Lauren Wright: Age and career of The View guest host

Yasmine Leung February 17, 2022
Meet Lauren Wright: Age and career of The View guest host

Lauren Wright’s recent appearance on The View has resulted in online criticism due to her stance on gun control, leaving viewers curious to know more about the political scientist’s age and background.

The families of nine victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have officially settled their lawsuit with Remington Arms for $73 million almost ten years after the tragic incident, AP News reports. The settlement is the largest in US history involving a gun manufacturer and relatives of mass-shooting victims

20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people on 14 December 2012 using a Remington Bushmaster AR-15 rifle – 20 of the victims were children aged between six and seven, while six were school staff.

The plaintiffs claimed Remington’s marketing of weapons contributed to the massacre. Remington Arms Co, the oldest gun manufacturer in the US, filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Nicole Hockley, who lost her six-year-old son Dylan in the shooting, said ahead of the ruling: “My hope for this lawsuit is that by facing and finally being penalised for the impact of their work, gun companies along with the insurance and banking industries that enable them will be forced to make their practices safer than they’ve ever been, which will save lives and stop more shootings.”

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Soil | Official teaser | Netflix

Soil | Official teaser | Netflix

What did Lauren Wright say on The View?

The View hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines labelled the successful lawsuit a “step in the right direction”, with Behar claiming the Bushmaster’s tagline – “report your friend for not being a man because they didn’t own a Bushmaster” – reflected “toxic masculinity”.

While guest co-host Lauren Wright agreed the shooting was upsetting to discuss and she supported “common sense gun reforms”, she added suing companies wasn’t the right step as there were “many examples where we would not want a company to be sued if someone uses their product”, and “there would be no more companies left”.

The Focus has reached out to Lauren Wright for comment.

Wright’s stance was met by negative responses from some viewers, with one dubbing her “Lauren Wrong”.

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Defending the right to bear arms, Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, based in Washington, said in a statement following the ruling: “The plaintiffs never produced any evidence that Bushmaster advertising had any bearing or influence over Nancy Lanza’s decision to legally purchase a Bushmaster rifle, nor on the decision of murderer Adam Lanza to steal that rifle, kill his mother in her sleep, and go on to commit the rest of his horrendous crimes.”

Wright’s age and career explored

The political researcher was born to Katherine Bendo Wright and Dickerson C Wright as Lauren Anastasia Wright. She is about 33 years old. Wright has worked as an associate research scholar and lecturer in politics and public affairs at Princeton University since August 2017.

After graduating from Wake Forest University in 2010 with a degree in sociology and religion, Wright went on to gain a masters and PhD in government at Georgetown University.

An expert in media, politics and public opinion, she’s the author of Star Power: American Democracy In The Age Of The Celebrity Candidate, and On Behalf Of The President: Presidential Spouses And White House Communications Strategy Today.

Is she married?

Yes, Wright has been married to Jonathan Mummolo, an assistant professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton, since July 2018. They tied the knot at her parents’ home in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Mummolo is about 38 years old and was a writer at The Washington Post, reporting on politics and crime. He graduated from NYU and received a PhD in political science from Stanford.

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