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Has Laura Marano had a nose job? Plastic surgery rumour debunked

Darcy Rafter January 21, 2022
Special Screening Of Netflix's "All The Bright Places"

Laura Marano stars alongside Mena Massoud in the upcoming Netflix rom-com The Royal Treatment. Some fans who’ve already seen the film have been wondering whether Laura has had a nose job, so let’s debunk those plastic surgery rumours.

The Royal Treatment follows Marano and Massoud as sparks fly between the characters. Massoud plays Thomas, a prince prepping for his arranged marriage when his hairdresser Izzy (Marano) falls for him.

The romantic film has left fans wondering whether Marano has had any work done. So let’s discover whether The Royal Treatment actor actually has had a nose job.

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Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Has Laura Marano had a nose job?

No, Laura has never confirmed a nose job and, judging by before-and-after pictures, it doesn’t appear as though she has had any plastic surgery.

Some fans have claimed Marano had a nose job in 2016 but there is no evidence of this and the actor has never spoken about surgical procedures.

Marano confidently shows off her physical attributes on her Instagram and regularly receives comments on how beautiful she is. As Marano is constantly in the public eye and has been since elementary school, it would be more obvious if she had undergone rhinoplasty.

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Who is Laura Marano?

Laura Marano is a 26-year-old actor who was born on 29 November 1995 in Los Angeles. You may recognise Marano from her breakthrough role in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally where she played Ally Dawson in the series from 2011 to 2016. Since then she has landed roles in hit films such as The Perfect Date, in which she played Celia Lieberman, a girl who falls for Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) but it’s not that simple. He was paid to take her out on the date, awkward or what?

Marano released her debut single Boombox in 2016 and, following the release, signed to Warner Bros. However, Laura decided to go independent and made her musical comeback in 2020, releasing the single When You Wake Up and EP You.

Netflix rom-com The Royal Treatment

New York beauty salon owner Izzy (Laura Marano) is a light in everyone’s life. Particularly her mother (Amanda Billing), grandmother (Elizabeth Hawthorne) and besties Destiny (Chelsie Preston Crayford) and Lola (Grace Bentley-Tsibuah). However, she has been offered an opportunity to run the local community centre, which will be demolished if she doesn’t take the job. Safe to say, the pressure’s on.

In the other narrative line, Thomas (Mena Massoud), the prince of Lavania, is visiting New York City for his engagement party. He is about to go through with an arranged marriage to hotel heiress Lauren (Phoenix Connolly) to appease his parents.

He finds himself in Izzy’s hands for a haircut and is soon wrapped around her little finger. She wins him over and is hired to style everyone’s hair for the big wedding. On reuniting, Thomas and Izzy hit it off and the pair become entangled in a love triangle. She runs a salon, he runs a country – what could go wrong?

The Royal Treatment is out now on Netflix so tune in to discover the fate of the hairdresser and the prince. The film also features two new songs by Marano – Dance With You and Worst Kind of Hurt.

The Royal Treatment | Official Trailer

The Royal Treatment | Official Trailer

Fans react to Laura Marano’s performance

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