How is Kris Aquino's health? TV host concerns fans with latest IG post

Yasmine Leung January 13, 2022
How is Kris Aquino’s health? TV host concerns fans with latest IG post
Photo by Dante Dennis JR II Diosina/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

TV host Kris Aquino has concerned fans after uploading a photo of herself receiving treatment in bed with an IV drip beside her. Let’s take a look at her health journey and current condition.

Aquino is known for being one of the Philippines’ top celebrities thanks to her roles in Feng Shui and Sukob, while she has gone on to become a businesswoman and philanthropist.

With almost five million followers on Instagram, it’s not surprising so many fans are alarmed by her deteriorating health, which the 50-year-old opened up about in 2021.

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Single-ish | Teaser Trailer | Showmax

Single-ish | Teaser Trailer | Showmax

Kris Aquino’s health update

Aquino has admitted her “health is far from ok”, but she is doing her best to recover for the sake of her sons Josh and Bimby.

The update comes just nine days after she revealed her condition has continued to deteriorate due to an autoimmune disease, which she has known to be incurable since the last quarter of 2018.

Currently weighing 40kg (88lb), she explains her veins are weak and it occasionally takes eight attempts to insert an IV line.

Unfortunately, the illness has affected her personal life since she allegedly initiated the split with fiancé and former politician Mel Senen Sarmiento. The pair got engaged in October 2021 but, due to the pandemic, the couple suffered under the pressure of having to live “in a bubble” to protect Aquino’s fragile health.

On 3 January, the entrepreneur shared screenshots of her ex-fiancé’s messages reading: “With a heavy heart, I accepted your offer of letting me go. I will always cherish in my heart the happy moments we had together. You will forever be in my heart.”

What is Aquino suffering from?

Although she briefly mentioned an autoimmune disease, the 50-year-old is suffering from several conditions.

In January 2019, she clarified she suffers from two autoimmune diseases: systemic lupus erythematosus – a type of lupus – and thyroiditis. The latter has caused a visible lump in her neck and her right eye to protrude slightly, Aquino said.

She also suffers from chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU), where red itchy hives form on the skin. Those who have CSU are more likely to be affected by autoimmune disorders, Healthline reports.

Fans first learned about the news in October 2018, when the actress revealed she would have to take “high-dosage antihistamines” and use EpiPens for the rest of her life.

In addition, Aquino suffers from anaphylaxis – a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction – and hypertension.

Fans send well-wishes

Fans have been sending comforting messages to the actress following her update:

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If you want to keep updated on Kris’ health journey, follow her on Instagram. We wish her well in her battle for health and wellbeing.

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