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Where to buy kombucha face mist, as seen on BTS Run

Yasmine Leung September 15, 2021
kombucha face mist
Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images


Episode 151 of BTS Run showed the seven K-Pop stars spritzing themselves with a kombucha face mist, so if you want baby-smooth skin like the guys, here’s where you can get your hands on it.

K-Pop stars are known for their flawless complexions thanks to the innovation of K-beauty products and their extensive skincare routines – we’re talking the ten-step routine with the seven-skin method where you layer on your toner seven times!

In episode 151 of their web show, BTS share their skincare secret when all seven members simultaneously spray an unknown brown liquid, so here’s where you can buy it.

Fans better act fast because it’s definitely going to fly off the shelves!

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Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

What is kombucha face mist and where to buy it?

The brown mist the boys were so gracefully drenching their faces with is the ELISHACOY Kombucha Gyeol-Biome Mist.

According to stockists, the mist contains 86% kombucha extract, which is made by fermenting black tea for 506 hours.

Thanks to the kombucha, they claim the product has an antioxidant effect, thus providing moisture and amino acids that “help maintain a healthy skin barrier”.

UK Army’s can purchase the mist at qkoreancosmetics for £19.00 but, unfortunately, it’s out of stock right now. You can join the wait-list for restock alerts though.

Beautyboxkorea offers it for $23.17 USD.

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BTS with Chris Martin | Official Trailer

BTS with Chris Martin | Official Trailer

Other kombucha mists to purchase

Since the ELISHACOY mist is sold out and hard to obtain, here are other beauty mists that contain the all-important kombucha ingredient.

Products that BTS sold out

In Korea, clothes, fashion and make-up quickly become sold out whenever celebrities are pictured with it.

For example, whenever actress Bae Suzy uses a particular lipstick in one of her dramas, that shade is going to sell out in minutes.

With BTS’ global domination, whatever they use will go out of stock probably within seconds. Thanks to the boy group, many businesses are now thriving!

Fabric Conditioner

Jungkook revealed on fancafe he uses the Downy Liquid Fabric Condition in the scent ‘Adorable’. He was only answering a fan’s question, yet the company then sold out their two-month supply.


During BTS’ Boy With Luv 2019 BBMA performance, Jimin wore a pair of pink Gentle Monster WOOGIE 02(P) sunglasses. Despite the hefty $280 price tag, the shades were sold out in 14 countries in one day.

Lip Balm

In a November 2015 Bangtan Bomb video, Jungkook strikes again when he applies a Nivea lip balm and jokingly advertises it by showing the label.

Fans discovered it to be the Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Care, and Nivea trended fifth on Twitter in Korea. The brand even used an illustration of Jungkook after to continue promoting the lip product.

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