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Kit Connor on gay scenes, sexuality and playing Heartstopper’s bisexual character

Shania Wilson April 22, 2022
"Rocketman" UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals
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Looking for your next Netflix binge-watch? Add Heartstopper to your list.

Focusing on the blossoming romance between two teenage boys, Charlie and Nick, the young adult LGBTQ+ series is being described as “possibly the loveliest show on TV” by The Guardian.

Now that the show has finally dropped on Netflix, we’re taking a deeper dive into the actors behind the characters.

We break down everything that Kit Connor (Nick) has said on sexuality and playing a bisexual character.

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Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rocketman actor plays Heartstopper’s Nick

Netflix’s latest show Heartstopper dropped on 22 April, and it’s already caused quite a buzz.

Actor Kit Connor portrays Nick, a bisexual character who falls for Charlie (Joe Locke).

As per Den of Geek, Nick is pretty popular in terms of the Truham Grammar hierarchy, and is friends with bullies Harry and Ben. As it turns out, Harry and Ben aren’t true friends, and Nick and Charlie become victims of homophobic bullying.

When auditioning for Heartstopper, Connor originally tried to get cast as Charlie, explaining: “I thought, ‘There’s no chance I’m going to get it,’ because physically there’s nothing about me that could fit this character, but then luckily there was Nick that I could sort of slot into quite well.”

Outside of Heartstopper, you’ve likely seen Kit Connor as young Elton (aka Reggie) in the Elton John biopic Rocket Man, BBC One’s War & Peace, and SS-GB.

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Kit Connor on gay scenes and playing a bisexual character

Kit Connor’s latest role in Heartstopper is different from any role that he’s had before, and the actor has spoken out about playing a bisexual character.

In talks with Metro, the actor shared: “I think male bisexuality is even less represented [than female or non-binary]. And I think that’s really special, going into great detail about his journey as a character and his mental struggle. 

“It’s not just that confusion of ‘oh, maybe I like a boy? Maybe this isn’t what I thought it was’ and then there’s that layer of ‘oh, do I like boys? Do I like girls? How do I feel?’

“There’s just that added layer of mental turmoil and confusion and conflict.”

As for the more intimate scenes between Kit Connor and Joe Locke, who plays Charlie, the two spoke to Attitude about a rather unfortunate kissing scene rehearsal.

Locke told the publication: “I drank a lot of coffee, but I feel like that’s just part of me!”

Connor then replied: “It did mean there were a couple of kissing scenes where I was punished deeply…

“Yeah, there was one point where you were caught off guard and you were like, ‘Ok, we need to rehearse this kissing scene.’

“I thought maybe next time I should eat an egg sandwich or something like that before. Payback!”

Kit Connor has not addressed his own sexuality

The 18-year-old actor appears to keep his own love life on the down-low, and has not addressed his sexuality or his relationship status.

Heartstopper is streaming on Netflix now.

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