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Does Kid Rock have kids? Meet his son Robert James Ritchie Jr

kayleighbarker June 8, 2021
kid rock kids


Does musician Kid Rock have kids? Fans are curious about his personal and family life after Kid Rock’s most recent on-stage controversy. So who is Kid Rock’s son, Robert James Ritchie Jr, and what is he up to today?

Who is Robert James Ritchie Jr, Kid Rock’s son?

At age 27, Robert James Ritchie Jr is the son of musician Kid Rock and his ex-wife Kelly South. 

Like his father, Ritchie Jr is also a keen musician and singer. With the help of collabs with big names such as Bruno Mars and Jackie Wilson, Ritchie Jr’s career was able to take flight leading him to release his debut single, Exstacy, aged 23.

But will his career last as long as his dad’s? Well, it’s been reported that, despite being Kid Rock’s son, Robert James Ritchie Jr refuses to use his father’s fame as a boost. Apparently, Ritchie Jr has a full-time job as back-up if his music career fails to work out.

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Does Robert James Ritchie Jr have kids himself?

As the child of a rock star, Ritchie Jr couldn’t be more different. Rather than partying like his father did at 21, Ritchie Jr chose to take on the role of family man and, in 2014, welcomed his daughter Skye. 

On Ritchie Jr’s social media pages, he frequently posts images with sweet captions about his daughter and fiancée Marisa Trovato.

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Who is Robert James Ritchie Jr’s mum? And what did his childhood look like?

Robert James Ritchie Jr’s mum is Kid Rock’s childhood sweetheart Kelly South. The pair met in eighth grade but other than that little is known about her. But what we do know is a custody battle took place between the two parents in 2000 when Ritchie Jr was just seven years old.

The press labelled the case vicious but in the end the court decided the musician should have full custody of Ritchie Jr resulting in South paying $25 a week in child maintenance. 

So, what was Ritchie Jr’s childhood like? Well, Ritchie Jr grew up through the height of his single father’s career and, as his father attempted to make it in the music world, Ritchie Jr met a lot of famous faces – including Kid Rock’s former fiancée Pamela Anderson. 

In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Kid Rock said: “I could have set a better example for my son. When he was a teenager, I’d bring home girls he had more in common with than I did.”

In another interview, he told the Independent: “My greatest inspiration? My son, in every way. He inspires me to get up in the morning and, in some regards, he has made me more careful. Children can balance you out sometimes, which is something I was seriously in need of.”

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