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Who is Kevin Samuels' wife? Is the life coach married or dating anyone?

Jane Corscadden February 16, 2021
kevin samuels wife

Who is Kevin Samuels’ wife? Is he even dating anyone at the moment? The lifestyle coach and dating guru is quick to help others with their relationship struggles, but what do we know about his own dating life?

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is a dating guru and “image consultant” who gives dating advice online.

In explaining what he does, Samuels posted to his Facebook page: “Todays the world (sic) is ultra-competitive, hyper connected, and more image conscious than ever. Within the first few seconds of meeting someone new they’ve formed a lasting impression of you.”

He says that his dating advice will help you take charge of that knowledge and turn it into your opportunity.

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Before taking a step into the dating guru world, however, Samuels studied Chemical Engineering. He attended the University Of Oklahoma from 1987-1991.

After this, he worked in a variety of sales roles – including at Office Depot. He’s originally from Oklahoma City and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why is he trending today?

It’s fair to say that Kevin Samuels is no stranger to controversy. His dating advice has often been described as misogynistic.  

But this time, it seems he’s been roped into someone else’s online controversy. On Valentine’s Day, comedian and social media influencer B. Simone took to her Instagram page to give her own dating advice.

The video’s caption encourages viewers: “Ladies make that list of your perfect man…Then make a list of the type of woman he would need by his side. Focus on becoming her.”

This led to a lot of online backlash for the comedian, with many comparing her dating advice to that usually dished out by Kevin Samuels.

Who is Kevin Samuels’ wife? Is he dating or married?

So, we all know that Kevin Samuels can dish out dating advice, but what about him? Who is Kevin Samuels’ wife? Is he dating or married to anyone?

In August 2020, Samuels posted a photo to his Instagram story of himself and a 29-year-old Instagram model, who goes by the handle @sixthegoddis.

Still, it’s unconfirmed whether she and Samuels are dating.

As of February 2021, it’s unclear whether the pair are still together, as they haven’t posted much online about their relationship.

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