RIP Keridon Davis McMahon: Death of fitness influencer shocks fans

kayleighbarker June 9, 2021


Fans have been left stunned after a car crash leading to the death of fitness guru Keridon Davis McMahon was announced. As tributes pour in, we look back on the fitness star’s incredible life, career and family. Who was Keridon Davis McMahon and who is she survived by?

Who was fitness guru Keridon McMahon?

Born on 14 August 1983 Keridon Davis McMahon was just 37 when a fatal car accident led to her death.

Keridon Davis McMahon was chief executive of Keridon Fitness Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching, and a pioneer for wellness, wellbeing and smart nutrition.

McMahon studied exercise physiology at the University of Abilene and became a weight-loss specialist and fitness nutrition specialist after attending the National Academy Of Sports Medicine.

She rose to fame after becoming a lifestyle coach and online personal trainer, gaining herself a staggering 74.3K Instagram followers on her profile @keridonfitness.

Keridon Davis McMahon dies, age 37, in car accident

McMahon passed away just two days ago on 7 June in a car accident. However, no other details have been released regarding the collision.

But who is McMahon’s family? In October 2010 it was reported Keridon Davis McMahon married Christopher McMahon.

Other than that, little is known about the fitness guru’s personal life but, from what we can see from her Instagram, Keridon McMahon and her husband have three children together.

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Keridon Davis McMahon’s death mourned by friends, family and fans

McMahon’s death was confirmed by her father, Kerry Davis, yesterday, 8 June, in a Facebook post.

Davis wrote: “Sitting here trying to come up with words but they are evasive but shock, disbelief and grief permeate my soul. 

“Yesterday my daughter, Keridon Davis McMahon, was involved in an auto accident and passed away. Please pray for her husband, Chris McMahon, their children and the rest of the family. We all need your prayers.”

Sitting here trying to come up with words but they are evasive but shock, disbelief and grief permeate my soul. …

Posted by Kerry Davis on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Since then tributes have been flooding in for the late fitness influencer.

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