Who is Kenneth Cole's wife? Meet Maria Cuomo Cole

Jane Corscadden March 30, 2021
Photo by Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Who is Kenneth Cole’s wife, Maria Cuomo Cole? Fashion designer Kenneth Cole’s currently in the news as people are curious what his connection is with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (hint: they’re brothers-in-law).

A recent investigation by the Washington Post claims he allegedly received priority coronavirus testing in New York. Now, people are curious to know more about Cole, his wife, career and personal life.

Who is Kenneth Cole?

He’s an American clothing designer. Cole founded Kenneth Cole Productions in 1982 and specialises in creating clothing, shoes, and accessories for urban lifestyles.

Kenneth Cole was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1954 and his dad owned the El Greco shoe manufacturing company.

After graduating from his political science degree, Cole was side-tracked from a career in law.

He had planned to just lend a temporary hand in the marketing department of his dad’s company. However, he instead ended up spearheading a 1978 campaign that made the firm famous.

As well as this, Cole is passionate about supporting progressive social causes.

Since 1985, he has been publicly involved in supporting AIDS awareness and research.

Who is Kenneth Cole’s wife, Maria Cuomo Cole?

Maria Cuomo Cole is the wife of Kenneth Cole. She’s also the sister of Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York.

Additionally, her dad is former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, and her younger brother is CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Kenneth Cole met his future wife, Maria Cuomo, in 1986 and the pair got married a year later.

They have three children together: Emily, Catie, and Amanda.

Maria Cuomo Cole works as a producer of social impact films at Cuomo Cole Productions. She founded the production company in 2009 to create films that bring around social change.

She’s also the chairwoman of Help USA, a charity that seeks to help people who are homeless.

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