Kendi King car accident update: Shaun King's daughter reassures fans

Yasmine Leung December 6, 2021
Kendi King car accident update: Shaun King's daughter reassures fans
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Shaun King has shared that his daughter, Kendi King, is in hospital after being involved in a car accident; so what is her current condition?

Author and activist Shaun King asked his Instagram followers to pray for his daughter, Kendi King, after she was hospitalised following a car accident in Manhattan, New York, on 4 December 2021.

At the time of the post, Kendi was in an intensive care unit after suffering serious injuries, so what’s her condition now?

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The Silent Revolution | Official Trailer

Kendi King’s accident: What’s her condition now?

The 19-year-old was allegedly hit by a car while walking in Manhattan on Saturday, 4 December, resulting in a dozen stitches, cuts and scrapes, slight memory loss and a brain contusion (bruising to the brain).

Despite that horrific list of injuries, somehow Kendi didn’t break a single bone!

About 11 hours after her father posted his plea for prayers, the college student took to her own Instagram to update followers with a mask-wearing selfie, showing a cut on her forehead that was still bleeding.

However, Kendi sure is a tough cookie. She wrote: “The food here isn’t bad and the nurses are all from Brooklyn so they’re real nice.”

Hopefully she fully recovers soon and gets to go home. We’re certainly glad to see Kendi feels well enough to reassure the world.

What we know about Kendi King

Kendi was born to activist Shaun King and his wife Rai, an educator and businesswoman, on 18 March 2002 while they were studying at Atlanta University Center (Morehouse and Spelman College).

Kendi is currently a sophomore at New York University and is studying film.

Set to graduate in 2024, the 19-year-old regularly shares her work on social media, including documentaries about her life and friends set in the bustling streets of New York City.

When she’s not shooting films, King works as a journalist. She has written countless articles for The North Star With Shaun King on topics such as politics and race equality.

Tributes flood in for King

Here’s just a few of the tributes and well wishes posted on Twitter:

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The accident is truly unfortunate and we hope Kendi is able to celebrate Christmas Day back home surrounded by family.

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