Kelly Loeffler took on her Democratic opponent, Raphael Warnock, in a televised debate at the Atlanta Press Club yesterday, 6 December. Some Twitter users thought they saw what looked like a wire in the Rpublican’s hair. Was Kelly Loeffler wearing a wire?

Who is Kelly Loeffler?

Kelly Loeffler was born on 27 November 1970.

She is a Republican senator for the state of Georgia. She was sworn into the Senate in January 2020, after being appointed to fill the seat of Senator Johnny Isakson.

Loeffler was raised in a farming family in Bloomington, Illinois. She gained her degree at the University of Illinois and went on to achieve an MBA from DePaul University. She also obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification.

Before turning to politics, Loeffler helped build the company Intercontinental Exchange, and worked as CEO of a financial technology firm. She expanded the business from one employee to 70.

Yesterday evening, 6 December, Kelly Loeffler debated her Democratic opponent, Rev. Raphael Warnock, ahead of a pivotal election in January, which will determine control of the Senate in the new Congress.

Why do people on Twitter think Kelly Loeffler was wearing a wire?

Shortly after the debate, viewers took to Twitter to speculate that Loeffler may have been wearing a wire, or an earpiece, to help with her answers.

It seems unlikely that Kelly Loeffler was wearing a wire to this debate, but that hasn’t kept Twitter users from indulging in a bit of speculation nonetheless.

However, other eagle-eyed Twitter detectives pointed out that what looked like an earpiece to some could also be the piping of Loeffler’s blazer, or even a wayward strand of her hair (or hair extension). The image circulating as “proof” is quite low quality, which is what might have given rise to all these theories in the first place.

Other viewers thought Loeffler’s performance during the debate seemed a little “robotic”, which also sparked some memes.

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