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Does Kelly Loeffler have a lazy eye? Twitter speculates about the senator's alleged glass eye

Kate Fowler October 30, 2020
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Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler is making headlines for claiming she doesn’t know about that audio tape of Donald Trump, but it’s her alleged lazy eye that people really want to know about.

Kelly Loeffler has been senator of Georgia since Johnny Isakson resigned at the end of 2019 and is currently running in Georgia’s 2020 Special Election to officially carry out the rest of Isakson’s term.

The Republican is CEO of Bakkt, a subsidiary of the company her husband owns, Intercontinental Exchange, which is a commodity and financial services provider.

She also co-owns Atlanta Dream, a women’s basketball team in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

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Why do people think Kelly Loeffler has a lazy eye?

Speculation about Leoffler’s eye appears especially in replies to videos and tweets of the senator where its appearance is more obvious. Often, viewers speculate on what is different about it and at times even use it as an insult against Loeffler.

Some have even speculated that the Georgia senator might have a glass eye, although this is just a rumour.

So, does she have a lazy eye?

Although she has never explained any issues she may have with her eye, at the Women’s Economic Development Agency, Kelly Loeffler said: “I was a child only a parent could love,” after explaining that, as a child, she wore braces on her legs and teeth, along with glasses and an eye patch, as reported by Biz Journals.

She didn’t go on to confirm why she wore an eye patch, but this could indicate a medical issue with her eye.

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