Barstool fans in the dark over who Kelly Keegs is dating amid rumours

Bruno Cooke May 11, 2022
Barstool fans in the dark over who Kelly Keegs is dating amid rumours


Drama unfolded on the Barstool Sports stage this week when Ria and Marty’s relationship spilled into the public domain. Everyone got involved, from Big Cat to Tom Brady. Now people are curious about the dating history of another Barstool stalwart, Kelly Keegs, who has been associated with Kmarko and Vibbs. 

Rumours claim Kelly Keegs previously dated former Barstool colleague Kmarko

Keith Markovich – he goes by Kmarko – is a former editor-in-chief of Barstool Sports.

His and Kelly Keegs’ rumoured relationship, and subsequent breakup, is the subject of this Barstool Sports subreddit post.

The interactions between community members are so steeped in irony that it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. However, one user reckons they broke up in late May of 2018.

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Source: YouTube [The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co]

On 18 May of that year, she “did a pod” and responded to a guest that she was in a relationship. Public opinion is that she was in a relationship with Kmarko, but without confirmation from either party, it’s just a rumour.

Then, however, on 6 June, she apparently posted a picture to her Instagram followers that suggested she was single. Others have found things to support the theory, if not absolutely confirm it.

Kelly addressed rumours that she was dating Vibbs

During an episode of Alyssa Amoroso’s podcast, Kelly Keegs spoke to her host at length about her work life, her then-rumoured relationship with Vibbs (Jeff Vibbert) – another Barstool employee – dating in their 30s, and more.

Amoroso sought, among other things, to set the record straight on rumours Keegs and Vibbs were dating. Otherwise, people may have believed that their closeness was manufactured for the sake of producing good digital content.

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Source: YouTube [Barstool Sports]

“I love to perpetuate the confusion,” Keegs replied. “It’s my favourite thing in the world.” But, she revealed, she “fell into a showmance unexpectedly” – that’s a portmanteau of “showbiz” and “romance”.

“I will say that Vibbs is amazing,” she continued. “I love him. He’s incredible, as a person.” She went on to talk about previous boyfriends and her dating habits in general.

Listen to the whole conversation here.

In another Reddit forum, which emerged in the wake of this week’s unfolding drama, Barstool listeners have been airing their thoughts on “Vibbs and Kelly”.

“Vibbs and Kelly are the best relationship at Barstool,” says one. Another adds that she’s “currently dating Vibbs”. However, again, since these are the words of Barstool fans – not Kelly Keegs or Vibbs themselves – rumours that the two are (still) an item are just that: rumours.

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P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Kelly Keegs reacts to Barstool drama featuring Hank, Ria and Marty

Yesterday, we wrote at relative length about the drama that unfolded this week between Barstool colleagues Hank, Ria and Marty, featuring takes from Big Cat and Tom Brady.

Since then, Kelly Keegs has offered her take on the situation. Anyone throwing stones needs to “check the dark corners of their own closets for skeletons”, she says.

“Things get awkward. That’s life.”

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