Who is Kelly Kay? Appearance on No Jumper podcast spills wild claims

Yasmine Leung October 27, 2021
Who is Kelly Kay? Appearance on No Jumper podcast spills wild claims

Kelly Kay featured on the No Jumper podcast on 26 October, where she revealed never heard before details about her life and links to numerous celebrities.

Kelly Kay spills the tea on No Jumper

Instagram model Kay appeared on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22 and House Phone, spilling deets about her childhood and how she made herself a career in the entertainment industry.

Listeners have been praising the episode due to her bubbly personality, and it definitely helped that she exposed some celeb gossip.

YouTube commenter Saif Ali said: “Ngl, this was the best interview. This woman has the best personality that I’ve seen so far on this podcast. You can never be bored with her”.

Who is Kelly Kay?

If her name sounds familiar, then you probably saw her in headlines as the “Super Bowl Streaker”, which she calls herself.

In 2020, she rushed onto the field and lifted up her dress before getting tackled to the ground by security. As she was escorted off, she managed to flash the crowd with another shot of her underwear.

She was reportedly arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespass.

Kay was born in Tennessee on 8 June 1992, making her currently 29 years old.

She was raised by her single mother, who gave birth to her when she was aged 20.

Kay tells the hosts that by aged 18, she was a drug addict and alcoholic, and eventually got kicked out of the house, crediting her small town as the reason why she got into drugs since there was nothing else to do.

That didn’t stop her from making a name for herself though: she quit drugs and took up a job at Hooters, where she managed to save up money to move to LA and became an influencer.

She recently moved back to Tennessee, since she now prioritises “peace and quiet” with hopes to start a family.

You can find her on Instagram here.

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What did she say on the podcast?

She recounts the story about getting involved with Tyga, when he first started his OnlyFans account.

The two met on the set of a Vixen shoot, where to invited her to travel and she and her friends appeared on his OnlyFans, and yes, Kay claims that she slept with him. She called their partnership a “symbiotic relationship” since she gained a following from his tags.

However, that apparently caused problems with one of her boyfriends who flipped out about it while he was drunk.

The model also claims that she dated Machine Gun Kelly when she first arrived in Los Angeles, before “he blew up”. After her Super Bowl stunt, she alleges that he met her and spent the night together, inspiring his remix of Jack Harlow’s What’s Poppin.

As everyone knows, MGK is now with Megan Fox and he apparently broke up with Kay because she “was wife material”, which wasn’t what he was looking for at the time.

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