Does Keanu Reeves have a son called Dustin like viral TikTok vid claims?

Yasmine Leung October 26, 2021
Does Keanu Reeves have a son called Dustin like viral TikTok vid claims?

A TikToker named Dustin has gone viral after consistently claiming he is the son of Keanu Reeves, but is it true? If not, does the actor have any children?

Dustin Reeves?

Dustin Tyler has gained internet fame after posting videos claiming that he’s Keanu Reeves’ son, and friends with a whole host of A-list celebrities.

The social media personality has been linking himself with the John Wick actor since at least May 2021, which is actually believable since he does look slightly similar to a young Keanu.

Overall, there’s a mixture of opinions because some think that Tyler looks nothing alike – what do you think?

The creator claims that he dated Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, where he broke Swift’s heart so badly that she wrote Bad Blood and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together about him.

Obviously that isn’t true since she reportedly wrote them about Katy Perry and Jake Gyllenhaal.

On top of that, his TikTok and Instagram bio clearly state that his content consists of jokes and satire, so he’s definitely not serious.

Who is Dustin Tyler?

Born 13 October 1985, Tyler hails from Mankato, Minnesota. He is currently 36 years old and married.

He began TikTok in July 2020 doing reaction videos and popular trends, to now having his own jokes of being a celebrity child.

He probably got the idea from fans admiring his looks and comparing him to the actor. Johnny Depp was also a name that got thrown in by viewers.

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Does Keanu Reeves have children?

One reason why users have criticised Tyler for his ongoing joke is because Reeves lost his girlfriend Jennifer Syme in 2001 to a vehicle collision, as well as their stillborn daughter Ava Archer in January 2000.

Syme was an actress and personal assistant who he dated from 1998-2001.

She drove her 1999 Jeep Cherokee into a row of parked cars on the way to Marilyn Manson’s party, while allegedly under the influence of “various quantities of an illegal controlled substance”, writes MTV.

Reeves does not have any children and has been dating artist Alexandra Grant for a few years, though they only went public in November 2019.

They have been friends and collaborators since 2011, when they published an adult’s picture book called Ode To Happiness.

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