Why fans think Kathryn Bernardo is pregnant with her first child

Shania Wilson March 1, 2022
Why fans think Kathryn Bernardo is pregnant with her first child

Filipino actors Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have been an item for a decade and now fans seem to have put two and two together to make three!

After a series of unverified TikTok and Twitter posts surfaced, some fans began speculating Kathryn Bernardo could be pregnant with her first child.

The actress has yet to address speculation on the topic but that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing unverified “clues”, theories, and rumours.

Let’s break down those claims.

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Why some fans think Kathryn Bernardo might be pregnant

It’s no secret actress Kathryn Bernardo is in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Daniel Padilla, but some fans think the pair are about to turn their family of two into three with a new arrival. In the absence of any confirmation from the couple themselves, hopeful rumours have taken over their fanbase’s imagination.

Over on TikTok, fans have been sharing a doctored video thumbnail that made it look as though Bernardo had announced she was pregnant on YouTube. However, we can dismiss this as fake news as the actress hasn’t posted about anything on her official YouTube channel for the past two months.

Another YouTube channel explored fans’ baby claims and traced them back to a photograph of Bernardo in which some fans thought she looked “pregnant”.

And, despite Bernardo’s silence on the subject, fans are continuing to get carried away on social media:

One fan tweeted: “They say Kathryn Bernardo is pregnant? Omggg! Weehhh?”

Another wrote: “Is Kathryn Bernardo really pregnant?”

However, another fan debunked the theories, stating: “I saw some TikTok videos spreading fake news saying Kathryn Bernardo is pregnant. Please stop spreading it!”

Has the actress addressed pregnancy claims before?

Kathryn Bernardo has never addressed the most recent pregnancy rumours, nor has boyfriend Daniel Padilla. In the past, however, the actress has talked about wanting to tie the knot with Padilla before starting a family, as reported by PEP.ph.

In 2018, Bernardo explained (translated): “Last year I had a prediction I would get pregnant. It’s like, ‘chill, guys’”.

So, until Kathryn comes forward with an official pregnancy announcement, we’re taking it that the online rumours are false. For now, the star has her fur babies to look after and frequently posts pictures of them on her Instagram story.

Credit: @bernardokath Instagram Story.

Bernardo and Padilla’s relationship explored

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla might not be welcoming a new member to the family just yet, but their relationship is as strong as ever.

As per the Inquirer, the couple started dating in 2012 but only confirmed their relationship to fans in 2018. To mark a decade together, the two released a self-made film entitled KathNiel: Isang Dekada.

Outside their long-term relationship, Bernardo and Padilla work together professionally and have co-starred in a number of projects including The Hows Of Us, Crazy Beautiful You, and Must Be Love.

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