Is Kamala Harris toilet paper a thing? The US senator and vice presidential candidate has recently become the butt of a joke. This comes after a comment made during the VP debate with Mike Pence, where Harris mentions the toilet paper shortage caused by the pandemic.

Once the clip leaked, memes and joke merch stores have been popping up all over the internet. We break down the Kamala Harris toilet paper meme for you.

What happened?

Shortly after last night’s VP debate, a clip emerged on YouTube in which Kamala Harris addresses America; “So I’m going to ask the American people. How calm were you when you were panicked about where you were going to get your next roll of toilet paper?”.

Then the image cuts to a clip of two ladies tearing at each other over toilet paper in a supermarket.

Quality entertainment:

On a roll: Kamala Harris toilet paper

The joke seems to have unravelled on social media, with Twitter users posting about Harris’ comment online within hours of the debate:

There has also been merchandise sold online, with Kamala Harris’ face printed on a roll of toilet paper. The Etsy entrepreneur already has more than 1,000 sales for this product alone.

Photo by MamasAHotMess on Ets…

Their other merch includes toilet paper printed with Trump’s face, as well as rolls with Pence, the Democratic party and the Republican party. So you can explore the root of your own political beliefs and get in touch with your inner self – that’s what happens when you use single-ply!

But really, who would buy this? It can be a great novelty item if you have $26 to spare and a social bubble with a robust sense of humour. Or it could be a new and creative way to stock up toilet paper in preparation for another shortage.

Just remember, the internet is forever, memes don’t just get wiped away.\

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