Who is Johnny Pemberton’s wife? The comedian appeared on Your Mom’s House podcast this week, which has sparked the interest of the public about his personal life and his partner Britt.

The comedian joined Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky on the latest edition of their podcast. Johnny’s appearance is ahead of his upcoming comedy tour with fellow comic Amy Miller which starts on Thursday, 15 July, 2021.

We take a look at his personal life, age and career. Many of the actor’s fans wonder who his wife Britt Pemberton is.

Pemberton first gained recognition for playing Bo on Superstore

Johnny Pemberton is a 40-year-old actor, comedian and podcast host from Rochester, Minnesota.

He is best known for the recurring role of Bo Thompson in the NBC show Superstore where he starred alongside the likes of America Ferrera and Ben Feldman.

Another role that he gained popularity for is as the titular Son of Zorn in the short-lived Fox series.

Johnny is also a keen Twitch user and he creates hilarious comedy sketches for his social media followers on Instagram.

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Who is Johnny Pemberton’s wife?

The actor’s wife is called Britt Pemberton.

According to her personal blog, she is an artist and illustrator who designs cards and stickers from her online store, Sleepy Britt Store.

She graduated from the Art Center College of Design and holds a BFA in Illustration. She lives in California with Johnny and their dog, Rabbit.

The comedian has kept their marriage low-key but Britt often features on his Instagram profile.

In a post from August 2020, he wrote: “We’ve been married for a while now, I’m just saying it’s cool that we are married. Thanks for your congrats [though], I didn’t post anything when we did get married because if you saw our wedding pics your head would explode.”

Meet Britt on Instagram

Britt is on Instagram under the handle @sleepybrittany. Her profile is set to public where she has gained just over 2,300 followers.

She mostly shares about her craft and artwork but fans can also find loved-up snaps with Johnny and casual selfies.

You can find more about Britt’s work from the post below.

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