Last Week Tonight is still on hiatus, but they posted a video update yesterday of host John Oliver reviewing Pringles Man body drawings sent by viewers. How did we get here? Which were his favourites? All important questions. Keep reading for some of the most hilarious fan drawings of Mr Pringle.

John Oliver accidentally requests Pringles Man fan art from viewers

On the previous season of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver played a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon asking his interviewee a million dollar question: when would election results come in. No one had idea idea at the time.

In a skit on Last Week Tonight, Oliver told viewers Lemon’s question was just as easy to answer as “when will penguins learn how to fly?” and “what does the rest of the Pringles guys body look like?”.

Little did John Oliver know his Pringles joke would capture viewers’ imaginations like it did. Soon, fans of the show began to send in drawings depicting what they think the Pringles Man’s body looks like.

The best Pringles Man drawings, ranked

Some attempts at drawing Mr Pringle’s showed artistic flair.

While others were just plain disturbing.

He single, he Pringle…

One user has apparently seen the real Mr Pringle’s body on packages in Taiwan.

And another user seems to think that Mr Pringles is a actually Kylo Ren from the Star Wars franchise. What a conspiracy theory!

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