The German fitness blogger has amassed a huge following online but who is Joesthetics aka Jo Lindner’s girlfriend?

Who is Joesthetics aka Jo Lindner?

Joesthetics, aka Jo Lindner, is a fitness blogger who has built a huge international reputation online.

Lindner was born on 14 January 1993 in Germany.

Jo has his own training programme – Joesthetics Training System. He creates tailored training systems for budding bodybuilders.

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Lindner joined the YouTube community in 2012. Since then he has gone on to be the face of Primeval Labs, FATHER SONS Menswear, and Vanquish Fitness.

His impressive physique has been compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, he has admitted it isn’t natural.

He uploaded a video to his channel in 2020 entitled How I First Got In Touch With Steroids (The True Story).

Lindner has a huge following on social media

Joesthetics is huge on Instagram with more than 4.7 million followers.

He often posts videos of himself in the gym, working out and offering advice to his followers.

His YouTube channel, Jo Lindner, has more than 428k subscribers.

At the time of writing, his latest video shows what he eats in a day in Thailand.

Who is Joesthetics’ girlfriend?

Given his online fame, people want to know who Joesthetics’ girlfriend is.

Joesthetics has never officially revealed who his girlfriend is, but a look through his Instagram reveals who the mystery girl is.

On 4 August, Lindner uploaded a video tagging a person called Nicha.

Nicha goes by the Instagram handle @immapeaches, and has almost 9k followers.

Like Jo, she is into health and fitness, and often shows herself working out and in tip-top condition.

She has also posted several photos with Jo, confirming she is Joesthetics’ girlfriend.

On 9 October she uploaded another photo with Jo.

Jo responded with two heart emojis.

A person in the comments replied: “Congratulations for both of you, hope your relationship lasts.”

Nicha replied with a series of prayer emojis and a smiling face.

So there you have it, Joesthetics and his girlfriend are seemingly very happy together!