As Joe Biden gives his first Thanksgiving speech as president-elect of the United States, the internet is busy making and sharing Twitter memes of the event. Now that’s the holiday spirit! Here’s a selection of our favourite Joe Biden Thanksgiving memes.

Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving speech

In his Thanksgiving speech last night, president-elect Joe Biden urged the American public to persevere through this difficult period: “There’s real hope, tangible hope, so hang on.”

He also insisted on clarifying that his proposed measures for controlling the spread of covid-19 are not political statements: “We’re at war with a virus. Not one another.”

He is intent on sending a message of unity and togetherness in his first Thanksgiving speech as president-elect.

Biden also reasserted his belief in the American people, saying: “Our democracy was tested this year. And what we learned is this – the people of this nation are up to the task.”

Joe Biden Thanksgiving memes

It is clear the nation is up to the task – specifically the meme task. This Thanksgiving many Twitter users who watched Biden’s speech wished for one thing only – some fantastic Joe Biden Thanksgiving memes.

Let’s browse through some of our favourites.

There has also been a resurgence of Obama-Biden memes, with Twitter users celebrating their long-standing friendship this Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users are just reposting their favourite gifs of the pair together, oldie-but-goldie-style.

Other users are getting bold with Christmas x Thanksgiving crossover memes. The more the merrier, right?

Here’s a bonus meme about Biden’s newly appointed treasury secretary Janet Yellen, just because it was too good to miss.

You’re welcome – Happy Thanksgiving!

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