The president-elect fractured his ankle last week while playing with his dog at home. Now, some Twitter users seem to think Joe Biden’s walking boot is on the wrong foot in some recent photos. What’s up with that? Let’s debunk this Twitter rumour.

What happened to Biden’s foot?

On 30 November, AP reported Joe Biden had fractured his foot while chasing his dog, Major, around the house. The president-elect reportedly tripped on a bath mat and twisted his ankle.

Subsequent CT scans revealed that Biden had small hairline fractures in his lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are found in the mid-foot area.

Twitter thinks Joe Biden’s boot is on the wrong foot

Lately, some Twitter users have been wondering why the president-elect has started walking without his boot.

Meanwhile, others think Joe Biden put his boot on the wrong foot for some photo ops.

This collage has been circulated around Twitter as evidence. However, the photo on the left, with the grey boot, is a photoshopped version of a previous, older picture.

However, many Twitter users are simply sympathising with the mundane way Biden broke his foot.

Some eagle-eyed users are hard at work debunking other walking boot-related conspiracy theories floating around Twitter.

So, it’s pretty clear the president-elect has sustained minor fractures on some parts of his right foot. However, there’s no evidence to suggest Biden has been wearing his boot on the wrong foot. We can safely consider this Twitter rumour debunked.

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