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Who is Jessica Lucas' husband Alex Jermasek? Meet The Resident actress' family

Bruno Cooke May 11, 2022
jessica lucas husband
Photo by FOX via Getty Images


Rumours have been swirling online that Jessica Lucas is pregnant with her second child, and the latest episodes of The Resident are only fuelling the flame – what do we know about husband Alex Jermasek? How long have they been an item?

Who is Jessica Lucas’ husband and baby daddy, Alex Jermasek?

Alex Jermasek is known mostly for his association with Jessica Lucas but he’s also a butcher, chef and general food enthusiast.

Much of his Instagram feed, going back several years, consists of photos and videos of his culinary creations, many of which involve a lot of meat.

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Source: Instagram [alexjermasek]

In 2016, the Los Angeles Times wrote that he was in the process of becoming one of two head butchers at Curtis Stone’s Gwen restaurant in Hollywood.

He previously worked at Lindy & Grundy, Ink, Chi Spacca and Belcampo. Along with Daniel Roderfield and “a crew of chefs from both Maude and Gwen”, he worked with Stone on “curing and aging, cooking and grilling” meat that would go into the restaurant’s then-new menu.

When did they get married?

Jessica Lucas and Alex Jermasek got engaged in April 2017. She was 31 at the time and announced the news on Instagram with a picture of fiancé Jermasek by her side.

He proposed at Ponte Amerigo Vespucci in Florence, Italy. They married a year later, in May 2018. Jessica and Alex have one child together already, a son named Jett.

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Photo by FOX via Getty Images

And for several weeks now, fans of The Resident, in which Jessica Lucas plays Billie Sutton, have been convinced she is pregnant with her second child.

When did The Resident fans start suspecting Jessica Lucas was pregnant?

We first reported on rumours Lucas was pregnant on 22 February – almost three months ago. At the time, neither Jessica nor husband Alex had confirmed they were expecting a baby.

But the rumours persisted. Then, a month ago, a post appeared in the r/TheResident subreddit. The OP wrote Jessica Lucas’ husband had posted “a picture of the two of them, where Jessica is visibly pregnant”.

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P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

According to a recent commenter, scenes of The Resident in which Lucas appears show only her torso – as in, not her belly. “They are hiding her belly at every angle on the show!” the audience member claimed. “It’s hilarious!”

Yesterday, a purported screenshot of Alex Jermasek’s Instagram story appeared on Twitter, showing what appears to be a heavily pregnant Jessica Lucas. However, as the image isn’t dated, it could be from her previous pregnancy.

At time of writing, neither Jessica Lucas nor husband Alex Jermasek have publicly confirmed the rumours that she is pregnant. They are therefore just that: rumours.

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