Who is Jeremy Strong's wife? Actor's fate on Succession left ambiguous

Yasmine Leung December 6, 2021
Who is Jeremy Strong's wife? Actor's fate on Succession left ambiguous
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The fate of Jeremy Strong’s character on Succession, Kendall Roy, is headlining TV news after season 3 episode 8, so fans are turning their attention to his personal life and wife.

*WARNING: Succession season 3 episode 8 spoilers ahead*

One of the most talked-about series this year has been HBO’s Succession, as the Roy family continue the internal battle for their father’s (Brian Cox) media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo. 

Jeremy Strong portrays Kendall Roy, the presumed number one successor of the company, however viewers have witnessed Roy struggle with substance abuse since the very beginning and his overall antics have put himself at a disadvantage with his father.

Season 3 episode 8 had fans gasping after his future becomes uncertain, so they’re now curious to know more about the actor’s background.

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Season 3 episode 8 recap

The pre-wedding celebration in Italy for Kendall’s mother, Caroline Collingwood, acts as the perfect background for a war of words between Kendall and father Logan.

Due to his health-restricted diet, Logans’ entourage brings his food for him, offending Kendall because he had got his chef to run through the menu to ensure it suited his father’s needs.

When the dishes come out, Logan directs Kendall’s son, Iverson, to taste the food to confirm that it’s not poisoned by him – this sends Kendall over the edge and to be honest, we’d be pretty insulted if our family member thought we’d poison them.

Desperate to leave the company, he reveals to his father that he wants to be paid off but obviously that was a long shot: “Pay up and let me out. I don’t want to be you. I’m a good guy”, he says, but obviously the media mogul wasn’t going to let him slip away so easily.

“Good guy” were the wrong choice of words as Logan reminds him of his waiter manslaughter in the season 1 finale, which he tidily covered up for his son.

“How long was that kid alive before he started sucking in water? Couple of minutes? Three, four, five? You’re my son. I did my best. And whenever you f***** up, I cleaned up your s***. And I’m a bad person? F*** off, kiddo.”

The episode concludes with an extremely drunk Kendall and face down in the pool, sending fans into a frenzy questioning whether this is actually his demise.

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Meet Jeremy Strong’s wife, Emma Wall

Strong has been married to Emma Wall since August 2016.

The couple met at a mutual friend’s party in New York in October 2012 and they now share three daughters: Ingrid, born April 2018 in Copenhagen; Clara, born November 2019 in New York; and their third child arrived in September 2021.

Since Wall is half-Danish, the family split their time in the Big Apple and in Copenhagen, where they have a home.

A psychiatrist, she reportedly graduated from the University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division in 2010 and specialises in adolescent medicine and child psychiatry.

Both Strong and Wall don’t seem to have any social media platforms.

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