Jennifer Aniston's moving tribute to dad John in 'special moment' at Emmy Awards

Lottie O'Neill June 26, 2022
Jennifer Aniston's moving tribute to dad John in 'special moment' at Emmy Awards
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Jennifer Aniston paid a moving tribute to her dad John as he was honoured at the Daytime Emmy Awards.

The Friends star’s heartfelt words came after her father John Aniston was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The sitcom alum appeared virtually at the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night (June 24).

She praised her dad who played the iconic role of Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives for 37 years.

‘A special moment for me’

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The 53-year-old star said: “This is truly a special moment for me.

“It’s an opportunity to not only pay tribute to a true icon in the daytime television world, but it’s also a chance to recognize the lifelong achievements of a great and well-respected actor, who also happens to be my dad.

“John Aniston has been working in television consistently for over half a century.

“He started acting in 1962, garnering roles on all types of now-classic television programs like Combat!, Mission: Impossible, Kojak and later made many guest appearances on shows like Airwolf, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Star Trek: Voyager, Mad Men, the list goes on.

She added: “All while simultaneously appearing in every soap opera imaginable. You name it, I’m sure he’s been on it.

“For over 30 years, his dedication to that show has gained him respect and admiration of his fellow actors, deep friendships and thrilled millions of fans around the world.

“His career is literally the definition of lifetime achievement.”

John Aniston’s impressive record

The Greek-born star started his journey as Victor back in 1985, and is currently aged 88. Although his character has appeared in fewer scenes in recent years, John Aniston is credited in more than 3,780 episodes.

Victor was absent for some time in 2004 when he was ‘killed off’ but the character was later discovered on Melaswen Island – alive.

Victor arrived on the soap framed as a villain and crime lord, but viewers began to love his character as they saw his relationship with Maggie Horton develop.

Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with her dad John

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Jennifer hasn’t always had a sweet-sailing relationship with her dad.

The star previously opened up over the hardship of living through her parents’ divorce as a child, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

“Human beings make mistakes. Human beings are not perfect. And by not forgiving someone, it’s not allowing human beings to evolve and become better people,” the Friends star told the outlet.

John Aniston and Nancy Dow – Jennifer’s mother – were married for 11 years before they split. John later married actor Sherry Rooney and they welcomed a son together.

‘All of a sudden my father wasn’t there’

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But the shock of the separation affected Jennifer, who found out when she returned from a birthday party, she told Rolling Stone.

She said: “I don’t remember anything other than it being odd that all of a sudden my father wasn’t there. And he was gone for a while.”

She also told Interview Magazine that she tries to be positive after her experience of her parents’ relationship.

Jennifer explained: “I think that it comes from growing up in a household that was destabilized and felt unsafe, watching adults being unkind to each other…that made me think: ‘I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to experience this feeling I’m having in my body right now.”

She concluded: “I don’t want anyone else that I ever come in contact with ever to feel that.’”

Despite their rocky relationship, the two appeared to work through the past and hardships for a meaningful connection.

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