Who is Trump attorney Jenna Ellis’ husband? In the middle of a tumultuous post-election period, news broke yesterday that Ellis has contracted the novel coronavirus. This turned the public’s attention from her role in the White House to aspects of her personal life – such as her relationship with husband David Rives.

Who is Jenna Ellis?

Jenna Ellis is a lawyer who has been leading Trump’s legal challenges against the 2020 election. She was born on 1 November 1984 in Colorado.

Ellis achieved her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Colorado State University and her Juris Doctorate from the Richmond School of Law.

Before working for the Trump election defence campaign, she was an assistant professor of legal studies at the Colorado Christian University. She also worked as an attorney at a private practise for seven years.

She is a champion at Falkirk Center and makes regular appearances on Fox News and Fox Business.

Meet Jenna Ellis’ husband, David

Jenna’s husband, David Rives, is a TV host on the Christian channel TBN, with a weekly show called Creation in the 21st Century. He is also a speaker, author, documentary maker and Christian radio presenter.

Rives runs David Rives Ministries, a website whose mission is to spread the Gospel and love of God through “awe-inspiring presentations revealing God’s glory through creation science.”

Though the couple are very private about their relationship on social media, Jenna tweeted about their wedding in May 2019.

More recently, there has been speculation that the couple separated only a few months after their wedding, as neither Ellis nor Rives seem to have recent pictures of each other on their Instagrams.

However, both Rives and Ellis are known to be very private about their relationship and have not officially responded to these rumours in any way.

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