This week St Louis station The Point shared an update on local radio host Jeff Burton’s cancer battle.

Jeff Burton is a familiar voice on the station’s weekday show, The Rizzuto Show, alongside fellow hosts Rizzuto, Tony Patrico, Moon Valjean, and King Scott.

Last year Burton revealed to listeners he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and his co-hosts shared an update on his health this week amid his absence from the show.

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Jeff Burton shared cancer diagnosis last year

In early March 2021, The Point’s Jeff Burton revealed to listeners he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

During the show, Jeff explained his diagnosis came following a standard blood test after his PSA levels (Prostate-specific antigen) were reported to have risen.

He said: “Last September, the last time I had my PSA levels checked, it was 1.75, which for what I’m told 2-4 is a good range for somebody my age.”

He added that following a check-up a few months later, he was told they had risen significantly. “They routinely checked in November or whatever it was, and it was 24.”

The Point shares update on Jeff Burton’s cancer battle

On Monday’s edition of The Rizzuto Show (11 July), Rizzuto, Patrico and Valjean shared an update on Jeff.

During the show, Rizzuto revealed Burton “hasn’t been doing great the past couple of days” and, while holding back his emotions, added: “I don’t think Jeff is coming back in any more.”

Rizzuto went on to read a message Burton’s wife had shared on Facebook. In the post, she explained the radio host was recently hospitalized and it was discovered Burton’s cancer had spread across his body, including his “prostate, liver and every bone”.

The message went on to add his doctors and oncologists had decided it was time to discuss an end-of-life plan. Jeff returned home to his family on Friday, 8 July.

Radio host last appeared on the show at the start of the month

During the update on Monday’s The Rizzuto Show, Rizzuto, Patrico and Valjean reflected on his most recent appearance on the show – on Friday, 1 July.

While looking back on his feature, Rizzuto opened up about how Burton was “in and out” of the show as he had to take bathroom breaks during its run.

Rizzuto explained: “He was in and out. While he was on the air with us, he texted me a couple of times like, ‘hey turn me down I gotta run to the bathroom’.”

Rizzuto, Patrico and Valjean revealed Burton hadn’t been in The Point studio for more than a month.

The Point listeners send thoughts and prayers to Jeff and his family

Fans have been sharing thoughts and prayers for Jeff’s family on social media.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Sending all the good vibes and prayers to @jeffburton1057 and his family. Love you, Jeff.”

Another added: “Hey @jeffburton1057, I’m praying for you and your family. Thank you for so many years of entertainment.”

A third echoed: “We are praying for you @jeffburton1057. You are a treasure, and we love you! Prayers for the Burton family and the @RizzShow family.”

The Rizzuto Show shared a message of thanks to listeners and fans for their ongoing support. The statement read: “We are obviously broken-hearted and love you all so much. Thank you for prayers as we pray for a miracle.”

The Focus would like to send its own thoughts and prayers to Jeff and his family at this difficult time.

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