Jamie Foxx's impression of Donald Trump leaves internet in fits of laughter

Vicki Newman August 27, 2022
Jamie Foxx's impression of Donald Trump leaves internet in fits of laughter
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Jamie Foxx has absolutely delighted the internet with his impression of Donald Trump, with people saying it’s the best impersonation of the former President they’ve ever seen.

It was during a recording of The Rap Radar Podcast alongside Snoop Dogg that he unveiled the uncanny performance.

The pair were chatting about their new Netflix movie Day Shift when Trump came up.

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Foxx said in an uncanny Trump voice: “There’s a lot of great people on both sides. Lots of great people on both sides.”

He added: “I love Snoop D O double G, great person.”

As the interviewers chip in between giggles, they ask ‘Trump’ questions, with him answering to call things “fake news” and continually poking fun at the former Apprentice star and President of the United States.

Foxx targets Trump’s response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virigina in 2017 and the Covid-19 pandemic during his pitch-perfect impersonation.

Watch it here – but be aware the clip includes some bad language:

The internet reacts

People who saw the clip online couldn’t get over how good Foxx’s impression was, with some saying if it wasn’t for the video they would have been convinced it was Trump himself speaking.

One fan suggested his impression was so spot-on he should take over doing Trump on Saturday Night Live.

“Jamie Foxx should be the goto guy from Trump on SNL from now on. I don’t care if he doesn’t look like Trump. His sound is so close it works anyway,” one posted.

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Another tweeted: “OMG the way he said FAKE NEWS JamieFoxx a man of endless TALENTS”.

A third suggested: “Jamie Foxx impersonating trump is INSANELY good. I knew he was the goat of impersonations but he is literally the best actor/voice over/artist, you name it, to ever live”

While another said: “This is UNCANNY! Is this some kind of weird deep fake where they’ve spliced Jamie Foxx’s face over Trump’s voice or is he just the absolute best Trump impersonator ever and he’s been saving it up for ‘24…?”

And one asked Twitter: “Who does the most uncanny, dead-on Donald Trump impersonation? I bet your mind didn’t go straight to “Jamie Foxx” and yet here we are”

Dayshift is available to stream on Netflix now.

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