Who is James Mattis' wife Christina Lomasney? Marine vet weds at 71

Bruno Cooke June 29, 2022
Who is James Mattis' wife Christina Lomasney? Marine vet weds at 71
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Politico reported via its 27 June 2022 Playbook newsletter that former defence secretary Jim Mattis had married Christina Lomasney, a physicist, in a ceremony on the banks of the Columbia River.

Born 1950, Mattis is marrying relatively late in life – he’ll turn 72 later this year.

The newlyweds actually had two wedding ceremonies. The second took place in Vegas, with an Elvis Presley impersonator. See the photo linked at the bottom of this article for evidence.

Who is James Mattis’ wife Christina Lomasney – what is her age, and what do we know about her career to date?

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Who is James Mattis’ wife Christina Lomasney?

Lomasney is currently the director of commercialisation for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). She’s held the post since November 2021.

According to her bio on the PNNL website, her work focuses on expanding the impact of the organisation’s science and technology, especially by establishing industrial partnerships.

By training, she is a physicist. She’s worked in the field of materials science and electrochemistry for many years. One of her biggest professional accomplishments has been founding Modumetal Inc, a nanotechnology fabricator based in Seattle. She left the company in 2021 after 15 years.

Fortune named her one of the World’s Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs in 2015. She married James “Jim” Mattis on Saturday, 25 June 2022 in Las Vegas, at the Little Church of the West.

Source: Politico

Where did she go to university, and what is Christina Lomasney’s likely age?

Christina Lomasney earned her bachelor’s degree in physics, with a minor in international business administration, from the University of Washington in Seattle, in 1996.

She completed her master’s degree in engineering physics and applied physics in 2021, at the same institution. 

Separately, she’s studied Russian at Vassar College, and corporate leadership and governance at Harvard Business School Executive Education.

If, as her LinkedIn profile suggests, Christina Lomasney completed her undergraduate studies in 1996 – and if she completed them at the age of 21 as a high percentage of Americans do – then she is likely to be in her mid to late 40s. Perhaps 46 or 47.

Mattis, meanwhile, is 71.

Source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Do either of them have children or ex-spouses?

James Mattis earned the nickname “Warrior Monk” while rising through the ranks of the US military because, per the BBC, he never married or had children.

He also became known as “Mad Dog” for his “uncompromising approach to America’s enemies”. His parents, John West Mattis and Lucille Proulx, worked on the Manhattan Project and in military intelligence respectively.

According to a New Yorker article cited by Task And Purpose, Mattis was once engaged. She asked him to leave the Marine Corps for her and he initially agreed to resign. But his friends “talked him out of it”, the outlet writes, “and the woman ultimately called the wedding off just three days before the ceremony”.

Less of a public figure, it’s unclear whether Christina Lomasney has previously been married or has children.

Lomasney is an old family name originally from the Irish county of Tipperary, in the province of Munster. It’s now found mainly in Cork and Limerick.

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Gotham Knights | Official Robin Character Trailer | DC

How did James Mattis meet wife Christina Lomasney?

In Politico’s newsletter announcing Mattis and Lomasney’s (double) marriage, it notes: “Not surprising for a Marine, the couple met in a bar.”

The best man at their wedding was retired general Robert Harward; a reception for family and friends took place at Rosina Cocktail Lounge, an “elegant retreat” on The Palazzo casino floor, in Las Vegas.

Before their Vegas ceremony, however, Jim Mattis and Christina Lomasney married on the banks of the Columbia River – with a priest.

See two photos of their ceremony via Politico here and here. It’s not clear exactly when they met for the first time, but Mattis told reporters in February 2018 – by way of explaining his stoicism in the workplace – that he saves his feelings for his girlfriend, by which he may have been referring to Lomasney.

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