Who is Jake Angeli? Following yesterday’s US Capitol breach by Trump supporters, one man – wearing a fur, viking horns and face paint no less – caught the media’s attention. Meet Jake Angeli, aka “buffalo head guy”.

Capitol stormed by pro-Trump protesters

On Wednesday, 6 January, Congress convened to confirm Joe Biden’s election as president. Unhappy with this outcome, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, managing to breach security barriers and enter the building.

One protester in particular stood out amid the crowd of MAGA hats and winter jackets: Jake Angeli, aka “buffalo head guy”. In his fur hat, pair of horns and red-white-and-blue-themed face paint, Angeli, who is an aspiring actor, looked ready to take on both Burning Man and the local county fair.

Who is Jake Angeli, aka “buffalo head guy”?

The self-proclaimed “Shaman of QAnon“, Jake Angeli, took part in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol building. The 32 year old Angeli has been identified as a Phoenix, Arizona, resident of Italian descent.

According to the AZ Central, Angeli “has been a fixture at Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year.”

Jake Angeli’s siege-day outfit apparently had something to do with shamanism. The aspiring actor and singer also made it clear to the press that he supported Trump, not Antifa, after backlash from conspiracy theorists.

There are some who have speculated that Angeli might have attended the siege in his capacity as an actor, trying to bolster his career.

However, his beliefs seem sincere. In an interview with the AZ Central, Angeli refers to Trump as “president” and expresses support and sympathy for him.

Twitter reacts to “buffalo head guy”

Some Twitter users called out Angeli for using Native American symbols as part of his outfit, and for calling himself a shaman.

In his speech on the Capitol building siege, President Biden condemned the protest and called it “chaos and sedition”.

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