Jackson Browne’s These Days was one of Bob Saget’s favourite songs

Bruno Cooke June 13, 2022
Jackson Browne’s These Days was one of Bob Saget’s favourite songs
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Jackson Browne was among the guest performers in Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, which came out via Netflix last Friday (10 June 2022). He performed For A Dancer and These Days, the latter of which was reportedly one of Saget’s favourite songs.

Jackson Browne performs at Bob Saget tribute concert

Taking place at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Netflix’s Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute featured a roster of the well-loved comedian’s famous friends.

Among them were John Stamos, John Mayer, Jim Carrey, Jeff Ross, Dave Chappelle, Seth Green, Chris Rock and Jackson Browne.

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Browne performed two of his songs, For A Dancer and These Days. 

The latter was reportedly a favourite song of Bob Saget’s and Jackson Browne’s performance caused emotional reactions among several of Saget’s friends, in particular John Stamos, who People writes was “overcome with emotion”.

Stamos reveals Browne’s These Days was one of Saget’s favourite songs

During his introduction to Jackson Browne’s second performance, John Stamos told those present These Days was one of Bob Saget’s favourite songs.

Earlier in the evening, Browne explained Saget had once asked him to play For A Dancer at a comedy event in New York.

Brown admitted he wasn’t sure it would fit well at an event featuring comedians, but Bob encouraged him. The Everett Post quotes him as saying: “After laughing really hard, it’s good to contemplate death for a little while and (then) you can presumably go back to laughing.”

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Source: Netflix Media [Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute]

When the time arrived for Browne to play These Days, he invited John Mayer to accompany him on electric guitar. 

“For some reason,” Browne said, “Bob liked a sad song. And there’s something about what comedy does when it dispels your sorrows and deepest fear.”

Fans reacted emotionally to Jackson Browne’s performance at the Bob Saget tribute concert

Reactions to Browne’s performance, and indeed the concert in general, are many. But some stand out among the rest.

One Twitter user wrote the whole tribute was “super touching”, adding they still weren’t “over Jackson Browne singing These Days with John on guitar. Made me weep.”

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Then, in a comment, they continued: “I’ve experienced a lot of sudden loss in my life. I know that pain very well. The tribute was cathartic for many.”

Another Twitter user wrote the most touching moment was when Bob Saget’s daughter “cried softly to Jackson Browne singing These Days. Whoa.”

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