Jack Harlow KFC meal price will be finger lickin' affordable

Alexandra Ciufudean June 6, 2022
Jack Harlow KFC meal price will be finger lickin' affordable


If you’ve ever wondered what rapper Jack Harlow orders when he goes to KFC, today’s your lucky day. Harlow and KFC are collaborating to create a limited-edition meal that arrives on 6 June in fried chicken locations across the US.

Best of all, Harlow’s KFC meal combo doesn’t come with a First Class price tag.

Harlow is having a “super blessed summer” after the release of his second album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, and fresh from the Kentucky Derby where he shot a music video for his Drake collab, Churchill Downs. The KFC meal is now the icing on the cake.

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Image credit: KFC / Jack Harlow (via Twitter)

KFC taps into Jack Harlow’s star power for new meal deal

The Jack Harlow KFC meal is part of the rapper’s year-long collaboration with the fast-food giant, which first started in December 2021. A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Harlow teamed up with KFC to help support those affected by the tornado outbreak that devastated Kentucky on 10 and 11 December last year.

Then, in March, Harlow’s menu favourites became available to order as digital exclusives. Today’s meal release brings together all these items in one neat deal that can be ordered via the app, online and in restaurants.

In a press release, Harlow explained that his signature KFC meal contains some of his childhood favourites, plus his “new go-to” Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

“I’m excited to align myself with something that started in Kentucky, but resonates all over the globe,” the rapper gushed. “I grew up going to the restaurant with my family, here are a few of the menu items I’ve been enjoying since I was a child.”

The full contents of Jack Harlow’s KFC meal include: “the KFC Mac & Cheese, with my new go-to Spicy Chicken Sandwich (with plenty of ranch), Secret Recipe Fries, and lemonade—it doesn’t get much better.”

To promote the new deal, on 4 June KFC’s Smyrna, Georgia, outpost got turned into Jack’s Meal HQ, where fans queued for hours to try out the first limited-edition meals, buy new merch and listen to the new album on repeat.

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Harlow himself even worked the drive-thru window:

Estimated price for the Jack Harlow KFC meal

Even though this is the First Class rapper’s go-to meal, the Jack Harlow KFC meal won’t carry an exorbitant price tag. Looking through the menu, we were able to estimate how much it would cost to get the full experience.

The first Jack’s Finger-Lickin’ Favourite the rapper lists is the Mac & Cheese, which comes in at $2.69, plus $3.99 for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich (heavy on the ranch), plus $2.69 for the Secret Recipe Fries and top it off with a refreshing $1.99 lemonade.

Together, it all comes out to $11.36, but if previous celebrity meals are anything to go by, the actual price will likely be more accessible. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the deal drops later today.

But is it any good?

Ever since KFC first dropped Jack Harlow’s Kentucky Fried Favourites as separate menu items in March, reviews have been mixed. Many critics seemed to take issue with the rapper’s choice of sides, maintaining the mac and cheese was an especially uninspired option.

Beloved YouTuber Review Of The Week even posted a video in which they try out every item on the menu and give it a thorough breakdown from all perspectives. The main critique seems to be the lack of novelty, seeing as all the items are already on the menu.

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Meanwhile, the hype is real for the actual Jack Harlow KFC meal, set to release later today. No reviews on that yet, but lots of people showing up over the weekend at the franchise’s Smyrna, Georgia location to be the first to try it.

No confirmation from KFC yet on that last one.

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