Musician and System Band leader Isnard Douby has died aged 72. His death was announced yesterday, with many fans taking to social media to pay tribute. We take a look at the life and career of singer and musician Isnard Douby.

Isnard Douby dies aged 72

System Band musician Isnard Douby’s death was announced yesterday (Thursday, 9 September) at the age of 72, days after celebrating his latest birthday (6 September).

News of Douby’s passing was confirmed by Alix Timmer, a promoter who worked alongside System Band for 25 years, to Ticket Magazine journalist and director Frantz Duval.

Timmer said the singer passed away in Palm Bay, Florida, having been hospitalised in April.

Timmer didn’t state the cause of death, although some outlets have claimed Douby contracted covid-19 before his death.

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Who was Isnard Douby?

Isnard Douby, born 6 September 1949, was best known as singer and co-founder of System Band. Douby and fellow musician Harold Joseph founded the band in 1980, having previously worked together in the group Les Frères Dejean.

With Douby at the helm, System went on to produce a number of hits, including Complainte, Vacances and Pa Pile. The band’s success also saw Douby become well known to fans of Haitian musical genre Konpa.

During his career, the musical figure’s work was recognised with a number of accolades and in 2016 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award.

Fans mourn musician’s passing

After Isnard Douby’s death was announced, fans took to social media to pay tribute to his life and career:

We send our condolences to Isnard Douby’s family at this difficult time.

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