Fans wonder: Is Michael K Williams gay? The actor is known for playing a range of tough guys and closeted gay characters, sparking viewers’ curiosity as to his sexual orientation in real life. He is best known for roles including Omar in The Wire, Montrose Freeman in Lovecraft Country and Sweet Pea in Triple 9.

Fans wonder if actor Michael K Williams is gay

Although he is known for playing a number of closeted gay characters, it doesn’t seem like Michael K Williams is actually gay in real life.

Last year, actress Tasha Smith posted a poolside Instagram of herself and Williams, with a caption calling him “the love of [her] life.”

Michael K Williams then shared the same photo on his own Instagram shortly after. In the caption, he wrote: “what I speak I manifest #lawofattraction.”

Shortly after these posts came out, social media users took them as proof that the two actors were dating.

What roles have we seen Michael K Williams in?

Michael K Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1966 and his acting career began in the mid-1990s.

Due to a large scar on his face – the result of a bar fight on his 25th birthday – Williams got his first acting roles playing thug characters in music videos.

He was given one of his first acting roles after being discovered by rapper Tupac Shakur. This role was in the 1996 movie Bullet.

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Williams’ most notable role is as Omar Little in The Wire. Omar was one of Baltimore’s grittiest thugs. Surprisingly, the character was gay.

Barrack Obama was even a huge fan of Williams’ portrayal of Omar Little!

Playing closeted gay characters has become a recurring theme for Williams’s career. His latest role, as Montrose Freeman in Lovecraft Country, seems to confirm the pattern.

Williams steals the show in Triple 9

In 2016 crime thriller Triple 9, Michael K Williams played Sweet Pea – a transgender prostitute. Although he only appears in one scene in the film, it has been regarded as Triple 9’s high point.

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