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Is Mark Cuban actually Cuban? Viral billionaire's background explored

Shania Wilson May 25, 2022
Is Mark Cuban actually Cuban? Viral billionaire's background explored
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban is making headlines in the Twitter world for his meme-worthy reaction to a leak in the roof of American Airlines Center during Tuesday’s Western Conference Finals game.

Cuban’s narrowed-eyed glare started trending on Twitter, prompting users to delve into the multi-billionaire’s background and personal life.

So, where is Mark Cuban from, is he actually Cuban, and how did he earn his impressive net worth of $4.7 billion?

Here’s what we know.

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Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made Twitter talk this week after reacting to a leak in the roof of American Airlines Center.

If you didn’t catch the news, Tuesday’s Western Conference Finals game between the Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors was briefly delayed due to the leak.

The delay only lasted around sixteen minutes, but it was clear that Cuban was less than pleased.

In true Twitter fashion, the whole situation was turned into a meme.

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Is Mark Cuban actually Cuban? Background explored

You likely know of Mark Cuban for owning the Dallas Mavericks, but what was his life like before he became uber-rich?

Well, despite his last name, the billionaire isn’t actually Cuban. In fact, his second name comes from Russian relatives and his family is of Eastern European Jewish descent.

Cuban grew up in a working-class family in Pittsburgh, USA, where his father installed upholstery in cars and his mom worked a rotation of odd jobs, CNBC reports.

Mark’s distinctive second name comes from his grandparents, who immigrated from Russia with the last name Chabenisky. Reportedly, immigration officials at Ellis Island shortened the name to Cuban.

Later on in life, Cuban graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Business, but his parents worried about his future. “People thought I might go work at a mill. My mom wanted me to learn how to lay carpet because she was concerned about my future,” the entrepreneur once shared.

“Nobody had high hopes for me, but I was a hustler.”

According to Forbes, Cuban even gave disco lessons to help pay his way through Indiana University.

He then went on to create his own computer consulting business called MicroSolutions. This would be the company that would give him a start, making him a millionaire by 1990.

Billionaire’s impressive net worth explored

After the success of his firth computer consulting business, Mark Cuban went on to earn big bucks.

According to Forbes, the Mavericks owner is worth a hefty $4.7 billion.

After founding MicroSolutions and video portal, Mark sold the latter to Yahoo for $5.7 billion in 1999.

He then went on to invest in fund startups and other businesses, sharing his passion for entrepreneurialism. “I love entrepreneurship because that’s what makes this country grow, and if I can help companies grow, I am creating jobs, I am setting foundations for future generations. It sends the message that the American Dream is alive and well,” he once said.

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