Biden has recently announced Marcia Fudge as his pick for Housing and Urban Development Secretary. We take a closer look at her career and answer the question – is Marcia Fudge married?

Who is Marcia Fudge?

Marcia Fudge was born on 29 October 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio.

She has been a representative for Ohio’s 11th congressional district since 2008. Before this, she was the first female and African-American Mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio from 2000-2008. She also worked as an aid to U.S representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones.

Fudge attended Ohio State University for her bachelor’s degree, and then returned in 1983 to graduate from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law.

She has been a vital part of committees dedicated to education, labour, housing and agriculture. She is also a former Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Fudge recently told Politco: “When you look at what African American women did in particular in this election, you will see that a major part of the reason that this Biden-Harris team won was because of African American women.”

Is Marcia Fudge married?

There is no information available online on whether or not Marcia Fudge is married, or who her husband is. She does not wear a wedding ring on her ring finger.

What will her new role entail?

As Biden’s new Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Marcia Fudge’s role will entail advising Joe Biden on all issues regarding housing. This includes policies advocating for affordable housing, homeownership and against housing discrimination.

Fudge has said about the opportunity to work for the Biden administration: “It is something in probably my wildest dreams I would have never thought about. So if I can help this president in any way possible, I am more than happy to do it.”

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