Is Mad Money cancelled? Where did the CNBC show go?

Jane Corscadden March 9, 2021
Is Mad Money cancelled? Where did the CNBC show go?
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The latest episode of Mad Money aired on Friday, 5 March, with the ensuing gap worrying many fans of the popular CNBC show. Is Mad Money cancelled? Is Jim Cramer sick, or is he on vacation this week?

Let’s take a closer look.

Is Jim Cramer sick?

Firstly, let’s start by querying if the show’s main man, financial analyst Jim Cramer, is off sick.

Last month, fans were also worrying about this. On January 29, he tweeted saying “I had a pinched nerve and needed surgery to relieve the pain.”

However, it seems like he’s made a full recovery from surgery since then and hasn’t made any reference to feeling unwell in the meantime.

In fact, on Saturday he was on Twitter replying to fans.

And it seems that nothing will stop Jim Cramer from hosting Mad Money…

So, what gives? Why was there no show last night?

Is Jim Cramer on vacation this week? Or is Mad Money cancelled?

Luckily for fans, it seems that Jim Cramer is taking a well-earned vacation this week.

The website TV Guide backs this up. It shows that there are no episodes of Mad Money scheduled to come out on CNBC until March 15 at 10pm.

After that, it seems to resume its normal day and time schedule, thankfully!

So, is Mad Money cancelled? I think we can be sure it’s not. They even tweeted out Jim Cramer’s financial advice for the week yesterday.

So, don’t worry, we’ll see Jim Cramer back on our screens next Monday!

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